example: Demon Cross Kasa Caelan Picture

Getting back into my Kasa species, I completed a reference for my own Kasa Caelan! If Poodle skirt-chan was my pilot character for defining this species, Caelan could be considered my mascot for the species at present. :3 I'm still working out his color scheme some, there may be some minor adjustments to help balance it out better...

name - Caelan
physiological gender* - genderless
gender identity* - genderless, will accept he/him pronouns and they/them / xey/xem pronouns
breed - demon cross / uncategorized
umbrella category** - standard (metal-component kasa)

-human leg
-demonic eyes
-multiple eyes
-multi-eyed skirt

Caelan is a Demon Cross Kasa of undiscernable origin^ - Caelan is referred to simply as a Multi-Eye cross, due to their physiognomical features. The eyes on Caelan's skirt and face do not seem to have much in terms of latent or offensive power, but this may be because Caelan chooses not to use their abilities.
The eyes on the skirt are often closed, and only open in times of danger or other situations of emotional stress/tension. When closed, they look simply like a pattern, excepting the large eye on the yellow half of the skirt, which neither closes nor sees anything; it merely moves in response to motion.
The pattern on the top half of Caelan's coat is only a pattern, there are no eyes on that part of Caelan's body.
When the skirt is folded, Caelan takes on the appearance of a child in a raincoat with their eye covered by their hair - behind the hair is an eye that is always closed (if forced open, then despite the skirt being folded one can see Caelan's demonic eye)

*gender identity and physiological gender don't have much controversy surrounding them in the Kasa world - Kasa do not reproduce, and therefore gender is not a biological necessity or byproduct of their life cycle.
They can, however, choose to make their form so that it resembles a gender, by taking on secondary sex characteristics. So while many Kasa can be physiologically genderless, many can choose to be male or female - or they can choose to identify as male or female without changing their body structure to match.
They do not have any reproductive organs to speak of regardless.

** umbrella category is separate from breed, in that it affects the shape, style and materials of their umbrella "skirt".
While umbrella category is not limited to any specific factors or traits, they do affect a Kasa's behavioral patterns and how they fare in certain weather conditions.
For example, a parasol kasa will do better in the sun than a normal umbrella, and has a strong tendency to express a good sense or need for fashion. A wooden umbrella Kasa will do a lot better in thunderstorms than any Kasa with metal components, but will be a lot more sensitive to fire.

^Demon Cross Kasa tend to carry certain 'themes', usually of a supernatural, occult or mythological nature. They can be a cross of Kasa with a known creature, such as Yasu, who carries elements of Kelpie. However, more often they are born with a strange mix of influences, and are like the equivalent of a magical mutt. These types typically don't exhibit a lot of unusual skills or magic, as might be expected from one of such a pedigree; however, rather one influence will overpower the rest and influence what abilities the Kasa might have outside of its normally expected capabilities.


So I'm sure those of you who have been watching me setting up the Kasa species are wondering where prices fall. The short answer is "within a wide range" - due to prices being largely decided by trait and breed rarities, it can vary from Kasa to Kasa. However, I can give estimated prices for the Kasa examples I have lined up on here so far to give you a rough idea:

Demon cross breed: +25
human leg (uncommon trait) : +1
multi eyed skirt (uncommon trait) : +1
multi-eyed (rare trait) : +5
demonic eyes (rare trait) : +5

ballpark estimate price: $35-$40

Demon cross breed: +25
animal leg (rare trait): +5
demonic eyes (rare trait): +5
unusual ears (uncommon trait):+1
hand modifications (rare trait): +5
slit skirt (rare trait):+5
fangs (common trait): +0

ballpark estimate price: $45 - $50

Poodle Skirt:
human breed: +10
bird leg (common trait): +0
one eyed skirt (common trait) : +0
fangs (common trait) : +0
skirt-fringe mouth (uncommon trait): +1
skirt long tongue (common trait): +0

ballpark estimate price: $10 - $15

As you can see, prices can vary based on the breed and the rarity of the traits given.
I am giving estimates right now because I have not completely settled on the exact pricing method based on traits and breeds. However, I can definitely say that given what I've worked out so far, the value of the kasa listed above will not fall far beyond these given estimates.

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