Classic Emma Picture

Classic Emma

Real Name: Emma Marie Smith
Age: 18-21
Race: human
Skin: English decent
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Occupations: Companion, O.T.H.E.Rs (unofficial), Network (Unofficial), Justice Men (Unofficial)
Weakness: the fear of mosquito
Personality: funny, sweet, down to earth, gentle, compassionate, friendly, kind, spunky, adventurous, beautiful, respectful, brave, intelligent, cunning, independent, protective, caring, outspoken, witty, bold, curious, imaginative, compassionate, understanding, creative, outgoing, a good heart, Imaginative
Dislikes: wars, violence, prefect people, horror
Likes: Books, adventure, drawing, fairy tales, painting, music, animals, the color pink, dancing, reading, films, fantasy, mystery, sci-fiction, mythology, classic films, Disney, riding horses, her cat, exploring, the stars, fruits (apples are her favorite), the harp, helping others, Comics, ice cream, Chocolate, flowers( Rose, Hibiscus, and Sun flowers), dressing up, animation films
Companions: The Writer, Pierre, Crystal, Carrie, Duke, Jamal, Jamie, Tanaka, Jackie, Rose, Dante, Kristen (Ace), Jen (The Raven), Peggy (The Cat), Meg (Gem)
family: James Smith (Decease father), Gwen Smith (Decease mother), Eli Smith (Grandfather), Lori Jones (Cousin), Tori (Aunt), Gina Grant (Decease Grandmother), Emily (decase grandmother), George Grant (Decease Grandfather), Duke (Step-Cousin), The Writer (Husband), Mr. Archer (Father in law), Mrs. Archer (Mother in law), Kaitlyn Archer (sister in law), S.M. Beth(Daughter), K.J. Margret (Daughter), Miles Archer(Son), Eli Archer (Son)
Pets: Fluffy (Cat)
enemies: enemies: Black Cloak, Dr. Yokes, Yorks, The Crafter, the Hackers, Dr. Landwirt, Bird Man, Undead Ring Master, zombie clowns, Nightmare, The Puppet King, rag doll, the puppets, Dolly I, Morph-X, Element, Negative Omega, Dexter Archer (Injustice Anarchist), The Clock Keeper, Anarchist, Luxdecore, Black Soul, and Xanzo
Abilities: Alter Reality, Breathe underwater, speaks several types of languages both human and non human base, super freeze, control all the elements, alter his body, leaps through time, super speed, Time travel, well understanding in science, super healing, Invisibility, super Endurance, time control, for see several hours ahead, sonic sound, night vision, heat vision, x-ray vision, mind Telepathy, Atmokinesis, project objects to appear at will, Mind control, force field, Intangibility, Flight, illusion, and projected energy rings

Story 1: In the land far beyond, Emma was a nameless princess. But if that story went occurring to plan, the Writer would have become king. But that world was destroy by Xanzo.

Story 2: The girl that need to be saved

Story 3: Now as 14 year old I was making her so unique at this point this is what she would be wearing. I borrow traits and personality from 12 girls. I made her a down to earth girl that is very unique, strong and beautiful.

Story 4: Alter her a little more and we have a girl... the Writer's best friend who would one day become his wife. She protected him even after she faked her death. She gotten to know his new friends and allies and save him several times. She made the question mark shirt for him, and made the Justice Avenger outfit.

Death's story: After Death finished the Main universe. Death was allow to go home...well not yet. He's body crash lands towards a girl's home. The girl would be name Emma and would look like the classic look than the new look.

Let me know which one is better:
Her or [link]

Fun facts:
1. Thought I've met a few Emmas none of them has come close to the Emma in the Writer's universe.
2. If Emma's traits were based on girls that I've enoucter from 2008-2013.... OH My lord she would be close to a beautiful and most unique girl I have created.
3. This make it 214 used of traditional Art> Drawings> People...why 214... well 2/14...
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