Summer of their lives Picture

For an Art contest about Norse Mythology and Summer. Kinda didn't fit the description but I just couldn't let the idea go....

*Update* won second place in the contest. yay

The sun shinned high in the sky as they walked across the blossoming field, the father and his three children. He couldn't help but smile with his scarred lips as they moved, watching the excitement of his children. He brushed the blacked hair out of his green and red eyes, then looked down to his hand as his youngest took hold. She was both beautiful and terrifying, his little girl, but he loved her all the same... In fact it was because of her that they were here, wandering the fields.

"Can we see it daddy?" she had asked her soft voice. "Can we...? Just once?"

At her plea he had agreed, agreed to take them to the land beyond the giants control into the land of the gods, to let them see its beauty and wonder. He noticed her soft smile and the glint in her eyes as she took in everything, every flower and every stream. She finally looked up at him and gave him a wide smile with her half of face, and he managed to smile back. They were taking a terrible risk to be here... But for his children... Could he deny them just one look? One peak?

The Sly One raised his head at the sound of growling, and his eyes fell on his little pup as he laid in a playful bow, his front legs down and his rump up in the air. His tail thrashed this way and that as his eyes locked onto the little flower, where a bee was resting its tired body. He barked at it, revealing his tiny baby fangs.

"Fenrir, its just a bee, leave it alone."

The little brown wolf pup raised his head to look at his father, ears going back. He opened his mouth to speak but closed it at the Sly ones look and tone. With a little regret he lowered his head and sulked over to his fathers side, looking back at the flower mournfully as they left it behind.

Once again the God sighed, and his gaze returned forward. The trees began to thin, and the fields opened. He could hear his final son, his eldest, catch his breath at the sight before him. The other children followed suit, their eyes casting to what laid before them. The god looked up to follow his children's gaze, then he quickly lowered it again, his jaw tightening.

Above them, a rainbow bridge stretched across the sky, and into the clouded home of the gods... Asgard. The girl let go of her fathers hand and took a few numb steps forward, raising her human hand slowly, as if, if she tried just hard enough she could reach the bridge.

The god was about to make them turn back, about to pull them away. They had come too far, too close to their enemy! To those he had once called... friends... But he could feel his children's energy.. their awe and wonder... He thought for a moment, then swallowed, dropping to a sit on the rock beside him. He stared at his hands for the longest of times as the memories flooded back to them, of what the All father had told him, of his banishment. The sorrow he felt, the anger, it almost consumed him right then and there...

But then the voices of his children brought him out of it... He wasn't paying attention to what they said.. but the joy in their tone... He swallowed and brought his gaze to them, How Fenrir's tail wagged and how his daughter bounced up and down eagerly. Even Jormundand looked pleased as his long body coiled around himself. He felt himself smile as they admired what had once been his home.

Years later, As he was tortured by the poison of the snakes vemon, thrashing and shaking in his chains, would he recall this memory... This one time he had made his children happy, before they were taken away from him. Before everything was taken from him... It had been summer then, and he briefly made a connection that the summer.. was just too short... such as their time together. That moment... That had been their summer... The summer of their lives...

The summer... of their lives...
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