neith Picture

Neith (Neit, Net, Nit) was the predynastic goddess of war and weaving, the goddess of the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and the patron goddess of Zau in the Delta. In later times she was also thought to have been an androgynous demiurge - a creation deity - who had both male and female attributes. The Egyptians believed her to be an ancient and wise goddess, to whom the other gods came if they could not resolve their own disputes.

Generally depicted as a woman, Neith was shown either wearing her emblem - either a shield crossed with two arrows, or a weaving shuttle - or the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. Neith was probably linked with the crown of Lower Egypt due to the similarities between her name, and the name of the crown. Similarly, her name was linked to the root of the word for 'weave' (which is also the root for the word 'being'). She was also often shown carrying a bow and arrows, linking her to hunting and warfare, or a sceptre and sceptre and the ankh sign of life. She was also shown in the form of a cow, though this was very rare.

As the mother of Ra, the Egyptians believed her to be connected with the god of the watery primeval void, Nun. (Her name might have also been linked to a word for water thus providing the connection between the goddess and the primeval waters.) Because the sun god arose from the primeval waters, and with Neith being these waters, she was thought to be the mother of the sun, and mother of the gods.

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