kiamara-skrexllia Picture

sorry about the technical difficulties with the imagery, its just that nobody in my house will tell me what the wifi password is so i couldn't send this to my email and upload it from my imac to my desktop. they'll be like "oh just let me type it in" but they don't know i have a new phone because i haven't shown it to them because i don't want them to know i have one because i sold my last notebook 2 the day i got it for christmas after smashing all my previous phones

(and i never got paid, it was technically stolen and these other people made me report my best friend against my will and he went to jail but i didn't see him, everybody else in the circle around my sun-scorched face had to try and save me from myself and condemn thieves i don't report calling my mom and telling them how i was enabling people to break the law)

but yeah i'll be redrawing skrexllia
skrexllia is a chimera, composed of 1.iguana 2.goat 3.lion
i feel skrexllia is my fursona because

1.iguanas are reptilian in nature, but also reptiles have a bad ability to remove lactic acid from their bodies which explains why they move so slow. actually i went to a doctor who told me i have delayed reactions by doing a test where he knocks on my knee with a hammer and there is supposed to be a standard time at which my leg should kick itself in reaction to pinch a certain nerve and he noticed a significant delay. also, as a result of restless leg syndrome (and fidgety hands and oral fixation) the continuous micro-flexing muscle spasms can cause a type vasodilation that doesn't allow the blood in your veins to travel in one continuous cycle from your heart and back because the leaflet valves in veins don't close as they should as a result of constantly tapping and shaking and chewing. this effect can reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches your muscles and thus also adversely effect the rate of time at which sores and aches heal for the same reason. reptiles are additionally cold-blooded and need to bask in the sun in order to set their organs into proper working order, and i can relate to this because i am seasonally affective mood disorder and when you absorb the intense brilliance of sun rays in the morning when you step into the light it actually send neuro-chemical chain reactions autonomically which raise your demeanor and brain and body function activities from the hormonal influx it stimulates. there is also a certain stigma about reptiles being in the same family as snakes which historically makes them biblically satanic, which -and isn't strictly limited to- is partial to the truth of my identity of fursona because i have a tattoo of a pentagram blasted in black and red in the center of my chest which i got the day i signed out of the funny farm owned by those nazi religious enthusiasts who thought they could change who people are for the better by using a less than kosher method.

i think some part of me pledged to never be like they are, painting pictures as they should appear rather than how they appear naturally is a desire of the devil; not of god. i don't believe that anybody is destined to be anyone from the get go so i don't know why people who have packed on the weight of life and have had their personalities jaded into coarse rocks feel that they're such a shiner diamond than innocent children; or by how when you press a heavier jagged rock against a pebble-stone born from a river, that they should expect that children should became sharper from the tension when they're actually the cause of their scratches and imperfections.

2.goats are fun to look at. we have a goat farm 2 blocks from where i live. funny story i actually wandered onto a goat farm when i was up north and i was walking down some random miscellaneous street i'd never been to before and found this baby goat crying because it had its head stuck in some chicken wire. well living next to a chicken farm its only natural that i should know my way around how to handle this animal. so instinctively i proceeded to grab the baby goat by the horn and pulled his head further through the fence so i could rearrange the shape of the wire so that i could set the goat free and then he was free and i was really happy. goats like grass, and i can totally dig a ravenous appetite cause i love to eat. 1 time i ate an entire pound of tri-tip steak frying a BBQ in the dark in the back yard with avocado slices, but it wasn't until i brought the other pound me and my dad were grilling that we realized how rare we had been eating it... surprisingly i actually didn't get sick or nothing but man i slept for like 13 hours straight and when i woke up i probably looked about the way a goats eyes look because i probably got those little crusties in the corner of my eyes you get whenever you sleep too long and forget to stay hydrated before sleeping -like all squinting my eyes still disoriented from the lethargy of eating that much red meat-

3.lions are big cats, which is accurate to me because i'm the biggest pussy in the world. actually, i went ahead and made skrexllia part lion in order to stay true to the original greek mythological depiction of chimeras. although if i was any kind of cat, it'd definitely have to be a big cat because i don't weigh nearly as much as any common household cat. if i had to pick a big cat i guess i'd be a mountain lion (or a cougar, bobcat, whatevs) because they're indigenous and they remind me of my dad because of that movie the lion king and he used to have this brawley bobcats jacket he used to always wear and one time we were camping in the mountains and a forest ranger came to our camp site to warn us about the mountain lion sightings in our area and i remember while we were debating "to stay, or not to stay" we decided it'd be a better idea to leave and as a little kid i distinctly remember yelling out the window as we left "f*#k you mountain lion!"
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