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Nexlor or Nexo is the world in which the Nexo Chronicles take place. It is a schizophrenic world with half modern-half medieval technology. The Modern world focuses around the mid lattitude western continent while the rest is bathed in the dark ages or the industrial revolution age.

Trevlon is the most powerful nation in the world, and the most technologically advanced. A city named Colony City is the Trevelonian capital, and the largest, most advanced city in the world. Towering skyscrapers built up from a huge mining industry. Now all but the rich salt mines are emptied, but the greed of Trevelon continues on. They lust after the Elflands in the Land of Phantoms, and they long for both their trinkets and their rich lands.

Colony City was once Edhelhaven, the safehaven of elves, until humans discovered its worth. Greedy travelers from The nation of Marlandia traveled north and befriended the elves at first. this was all a ruse, as they only wanted the best mining locations to be revealed by elves willing to share. They overpowered the elves and forced them out of not only the city, but the entire continent forcing them to scatter and join their brethren back east.

Some moved to Gill to live with the Sea Elves, and the merfolk. some moved back to the valleys of shadow in the Phantom lands. Others just faded away. A small group of elves stayed in Colony city living in the catacombs below, the only evidence left that elves were even there. These Burrow elves were naturally good at living in dark underground places.

They watched with great sadness and heavy hearts as Trevelon grew more powerful, eventually turning on Marlandia, its former masters, and decimating the Marlandian Empire.

Trevelon pushed itself to develop better and better tech, and made the jump from the industrial revolution to the atomic age in a matter of a few years. Soon they would hit the information age, and the Social Media age was over in a matter of weeks, as the government opressed free expression, and forced the entire equivalent to our internet to be localized and a secret held only by their nation. From their they developed biotech and Techno-Organic barriers were broken, as they developed bionic implants to help unify and strengthen their own people.

All the while the citizens took little notice to the dying lands around them. There was barely any green grass anymore, and the once beautiful elven land was barren and dusty. The Elves wept for 100s of years and their depression allowed the return of Demons to their forest. There are few elves now that remember the old lands of plenty but they did not want to. The Forest Elves of the east built up a safehaven many after the exiles and two thousand years into its existence they are scarcely aware of what goes on in the west. As long as they were left alone they'd be happy.......

In the Northeast the lands where Kipo and his friends live sit on a north-pointing peninsula. The land there is otherwise treacherous but the presence of elves has allowed a bountiful region to grow at the foot of the mountains in the southwest corner of this region.

The kingdoms to the south of the Phantom Lands are all based on different old world lore ranging from English, Germanic, and Romance, to Far Eastern, and Middle Eastern mythos. A lot of the European themed areas are based on Tolkien lore as well as darkened more fleshed out versions of fairy tale or mystic tales.

The West is based more on cold hard reality, and sci-fi. However Marlandia is based off of spanish culture, and medieval spain. Marlandia chooses to remain low tech, using mostly old world construction and styles but using some technology only ranging up to fifties level (but mostly around 1900s-10s). At the center of the Marlandian desert lives Aranas, the Elven Spider Lord, who seems to have power over all spiders in the world (and is just as obsessed with them as Kipo is with flowers) I will draw him soon hes very pretty. He lives in an abandoned castle in the desert that is filled with cobwebs and giant spiders.

Izma is based on Canada, its south is modern but its north is cold and sparsely occupied. Its north is also home to some Dwarves, who mine its mountains.

The Land of The Sun was named so as to create an illusion that it is a bountiful sunny valley, filled with gold, so that demons could sell it to the Dwarves in ancient times. It was infact a cold mountainous wasteland akin to regions like Greenland, Iceland, northern Russia, and Scandinavia. The joke was on the demons however for while there was only a bit of gold the lands were incredibly rich in Platinum, iron, and Silver as well as Mithril. The dwarves were hardy and grew to love living in such a tough environment.

The islands in the south are Trimor and The Lost Island (Lost Lands). Both are uncivilized. Buttermilk city is the port on the Lost Island where goods are shipped out from the far eastern half of the Jungle of Lost, which is incredibly dangerous and covers most of the island. Trimor was home to a peaceful island tribe of humans and elves until the Demons took over making it a stronghold, and enslaving the tribes.

Skartlar is home to the vast majority of good human characters. It is my little equivalent to Gondor and Rohan. Grog is its capital, and home to great canals. The rest is similar to LOTR's trollshaws region, but more civilized. Briarpatch Manor is a town famous for it's vampire residents in east-central Skartlar.

Pennsania and Bartler are more tumultuous regions. The former is a kingdom similar to Wonderland, with two queens battling for control one in the far north and one in the far south. It is a peninsula on top of the southeast continent. Bartler is home to high mythological creature like cyclops, centaurs, giants, hydras and minotaurs. This area is based on mostly greek mythology.

Kepton is the home of the great scholars, and Exetra is a kingdom that is much like medieval England and France.

Landar is a betrayer of good, and an ally of Trevelon. It is based off of a weird combo of Europe and Asia.

Isbanistad is based on the middle east, and formerly part of the elven kingdom. When the refuge of Adalarn was built in the north the elves abandoned all assets in the south desert. Now small tribes of nomadic Desert Elves share the lands with the great Sultan, in Badistan city. There was once a cave similar to the Cave of wonders in Aladdin, home to malevolent Genies that will not stop at anything to fullfill anyones wish and kill with out thinking. They were scattered when the cave was destroyed by lusting armies of humans, elves, and dwarves all fighting over it. Now many years later it is mined by Dwarf immigrants from the Sunlands.

Coata is home to the great Cubert Bluffs, a land where humans live alongside threatening goblins. A lot of the area of the capital of Coata Quay is influenced by Steampunk.

Kalmime is based mostly on modern England, with a twist of America's rust belt. It represents the good that can be found in modern society, compared to the bad in Trevelon. It was formed by succeding from the Marlandian empire many years ago, and is very tame. It is mostly countryside, and small mountains but shares a small patch of the Marlandian desert to the north.

Nandnar is based on nothing in particular, but if I had to choose one thing it would be Germanic and Scandinavian lore. It is home to both humans and Gnomes, the latter of which live in burrows underneath rolling hills.

Frumpil is an ancient kingdom ruled by a stable monarchy.

Langshan is based on Tolkien's Shire, which in turn is based on English countryside. Again. (geez whats with me and England?) The halflings live a simple uninterrupted life here, not even knowing of the rest of the world.

Trendar is based on Aztec, Incan, and Mayan lore, as well as a lot of south american culture.

Pikla is a small country that is invaded and occupied by Trevelon. This was a feeble attempt to "protect them" from the growing demonic threat from the east.(their justification being "we'll take care of you and were better to be conquered by than them) In fact it was simply invaded after it helped aid in the escape of political prisoners, and Trevelon felt it was a threat. It is based on Final Fantasy VIII's Timber, a small forested nation that was invaded by the aggressive dictatorship of Galbadia.

The rest I have not thought of yet.
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