Right-hand side -1- Picture

Long sides of the sarcophagus of Ramses III are engraved with 2 scenes taken from the Amduat (the book of what is in the "Duat"= the underworld, translated in "Book of Hidden Chambers"), which recounts (along with other Egyptian books of the underworld, like the "Book of Gates") the perilous journey of the Sun god Ra, who traveled underground in a boat during the twelve hours of night. Ra was represented with a ram's head. On this sarcophagus, we can only see the 7th and 8th hours.

How to read : On the long sides of the sarcophagus, you can see 3 "strips". The middle one depicts Re's boat. The upper and lower strips represent the left & right banks of the Nile in the underworld. Just follow what I wrote on the pics to follow the story
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