The Nine Muses Picture

I've been wanting to submit this for a while, and right now is a good time as any because I'm still mourning Specks and drawing is on hold.

I remember having to research the different objects each muse is associated with.
Left to right (top to bottom):
Urania is of astronomy, and her symbol is the globe.
Polyhymnia is of sacred song and she typically wears a veil.
Calliope is of epic poetry and she's holding a tablet.
Euterpe is of lyric, and she plays the (double) flute (I've never drawn instruments before, so a flute was easier).
Clio is of history and she is carrying a (super long) scroll.
Erato of love poetry has a rose in her hair and a lyre.
Terpsichore is the dance muse and she also has a lyre.
The pair on the bottom left is Melpomene and Thalia, muses of tragedy and comedy respectively.

Anyway, they're said to hang out on Mt Helicon and follow Apollo (the music and sun god) around.

NB. I used GIMP to blur the sky a bit
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