Proxy Blood - Morcego Braga Picture

race: Vampire
age: 30
height: 5'9"
weight: 168 lbs
homeland: Ibira Pitanga, Brazil

Being a vampire in a sunny country isn't easy. Being addicted to human blood when the supply suddenly vanishes is worse. Morcego never was one to partake, so he's in great shape to represent his people in the Struggle, despite his relatively uncommon preference for physical combat over sorcery.

When he wins, the vampires conceive of a plan to borrow some shadow magic and enrobe the earth in perpetual darkness. The vilas, elves, and other sun-loving magical creatures quickly placate against this idea with a series of geosynchronous floating islands that overshadow small countries. Those vampires still suffering withdrawal from human blood addiction seek out others to compensate, and garlic becomes a very popular choice in gardens.
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