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Only an example of Critical Research Failure if EVERYBODY knows it, huh? Well let's test that theory with a few examples you guys provide.
"Ben 10 claimed in one episode that the mysterious "Bicenthium alloy" was extremely rare on any planet except Earth... except the "alloy" was iron, the sixth most common element in the galaxy. And iron isn't an alloy." I doubt EVERYBODY knows that. Maybe the people who actually KNOWS that stuff, but not everybody.
"Crisis on Infinite Earths has an even bigger problem with its premise. The DC multiverse is split into an infinite number of normal (or positive) matter universes and one antimatter universe. When the story starts, a wave of antimatter is sweeping through and obliterating normal matter universes, one after the other, and the antimatter universe is "expanding" into the space left by the destroyed universes, and thereby getting stronger. Even ignoring the simplification of multi-dimensional space-time, a matter-antimatter reaction is a mutual annihilation! How, then, does the antimatter universe increase in strength when the wave that is destroying the normal universes should be destroying itself at the same time? And, in passing, what happens to the energy released by the annihilations?" Did anyone else know this stuff besides the person who made the edit?
"Speaking of MST fare, if you know anything at all about Aztecs or Aztec Mythology, you're doing better than the creators of Puma Man." Wait, I thought this was supposed to be stuff that EVERYBODY would know, whether they study this stuff or not. If the knowledge isn't common spread, it's not CRF.
"Another Emmerich film, Anonymous, has Edward de Vere show off his garden bush of Tudor roses... a flower that has never existed as a real plant, only a figurative symbol. It's an error that must have been impossible for the director to ignore, since if the plant does not exist, a faked one must have been put onscreen. If they had to make a fake one, then why are they claiming it's a real flower in a film that claims to be based on history?!" Yeah, I'm sure anyone who runs a flower shop will know this. Anyone else capable of telling what flowers are real or fake?
"There are two classic ones in Lord of the Flies:"
  • "The boys use Piggy's glasses to focus the sun's rays and hence start a fire. Piggy is short-sighted; short sight is corrected with lenses of negative focal length, which cannot bring light to a point." Did anyone outside of Glasses work know that?
  • "In one scene, the sun is setting while a thin crescent moon rises. A moon which rises at or around sunset can only be a full moon. " Wait, the moon can rise as the sun sets?

"Larry Niven is famous as an author of "hard" science fiction, but even he isn't immune to the occasional whopper. In Ringworld, he gets the rotation of the Earth wrong in the first chapter, by having the hero teleport eastward around the Earth in order to extend his birthday. Eastward, as in toward sunrise. This is fixed in later editions." Anyone here know the rotation of the Earth? I don't.
"The Ringworld itself is scientifically flawed. At least one reader pointed out that a solid ring-shaped object cannot orbit a sun, and would soon drift out of alignment and crash into it. This required a technological fix in later books in the series." Hold on, 'At least one reader?' I thought this stuff needed to be common knowledge!
"The Mysterious Mr. Enter claimed in his Animated Atrocities review of the Spongebob Squarepants episode "One Coarse Meal" that whales only eat krill, ignoring that some whales in Real Life actually do eat plankton." Yeah, hi, I'm a man who doesn't study marine biology.
"[From SomeCallMeJohnny, A M]inor one appears during his Pokémon Gold and Silver review not from Johnny, but from co-reviewer Ryan when they question some of the evolution methods. Ryan then takes a potshot a Generation 4 for its use of trade evolutions which has existed since the beginning of the series and has appeared in every generation. Even worse, this was said when the Porygon line was shown on-screen, which received its first evolution by trade in the same generation they're reviewing." This is news to anyone who isn't a fan of Pokemon.
"There is a YouTube video called Romance Languages Explained." This is a long one, so I'll some it up for you: If you don't know any language besides English, everything here is gonna be Greek to you.
"The Strategy Guide for Pokémon Red and Blue that was published by Versus Books is considered Snark Bait by people even moderately good at the games," Anyone good at the games? Meaning anyone else wouldn't know this stuff?
And for one last jab at how stupid that notion is: Anything in the Game Theory Critical Research Failure list!
Why does Death Battle get a clean pass, yet everything else gets bashed with a hammer? And this is coming from someone who likes Death Battle. If you want to keep the CRF segment from getting longer than the page, give it its own page, kinda like you did for Mr. Enter's The Reason You Suck Speeches.

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