Espeon: Normal Colors Picture

I know, it's head looks too big, but I tried really hard to fix it in every way possible. I still think it came out pretty good, but I know I could do better. I know Espeon is one of the more cat-like evolution's of Eevee due to the forked tail (and what it means is that cats tails split into more tails giving it more power, but that's according to Japanese mythology or beliefs... well something like that, I don't really remember even though I looked into it last year from curiosity...) but Eevee is based on a fox with big ears from the deserts (I don't remember their name, but they look so fluffy and adorable :3). Therefore, I kind of made Espeon look a little more fox like then it would in pokemon games.

I do have a favorite Eevee evolution, but I love them all equally for design wise and how it makes sense with their typing. Since I like them all so much, I tried to make a team with them (Glaceon and Sylveon ended up being left out, but it's okay, they have Elric (My Eevee) to have with them so everything is fine now.) and I don't know if it's working out well or not. But we'll see with how I'll end up raising them. I know that not everyone like the shiny version of some of Eevee's evolutions or even Eevee's, but that's why I'm making them separate pictures.
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