Acension Picture

black/white sketch of a very deep personal drawing that I have created after doing a self tarot reading as I requested for what I can use to draw and these are the cards that revealed themselves to me.

the tarot card deck is called "transference healing animal magic" by alexis cartwright. powerful deck that I have ever had in my possession. any way onward to the meanings of the cards behind this drawing.

the butterfly-transformation and change.

butterfly is a symbol of transformation and change and has become a physical symbol of the human soul. the metamorphosis of butterflies and moths from caterpillar to pupa to beautiful winged creature is one of the mysteries of nature. butterfly is the only living creature on earth capable of changing its entire genetic structure during the process of transformation-caterpillars DNA is totally different from that of the butterfly. each butterfly has four wings covered with tiny scales to reflect different colours. each type of butterfly has differently shaped wings and like snowflakes, no two butterflies are totally alike. butterfly is a physical symbol of the human soul in many cultures. butterfly magic creates a transformation, change and rebirthing process. it is therefore a symbol of purification, and in religious belief, symbolizes the human stages of life, death and resurrection. butterfly represents the feminine qualities of wisdom and the procreative powers a goddess or deity holds within herself. butterfly is a symbol of the fertility of the earth among some tribes of mexico and to others a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, happiness and joy. in general, native American Indians say butterfly carries wishes to the great spirit in heaven to be granted. individual tribes believe they predict weather and seasons and are bringers of dreams. brightly coloured butterflies represent passion, diversity, beauty and in greek mythology, love. ancient greeks believed a new human soul is born each time an adult butterfly emerges from its cocoon. northern Europeans think dreams are the result of the soul butterfly's wanderings through others worlds. irish believe butterflies are the souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory. in Japanese and chines cultures, butterfly has been a symbol of joy and the essence of happiness. both cultures have added them to manuscripts, paintings and drawings for centuries.

the sylph-air spirit
sylph is the most evolved elemental air spirit or fairy. it has a perfect adult human form and great wings which fold behind it when not in use. it is easy to communicate with because of its superior intellect. it is also known as a 'winged singer' as it is sometimes mistaken for an angel. its wings allow it to soar high in the heavens. it is believed to be an offshoot of the sidhe, a great bird of the mountains-winged ruler of the dreamtime, powerful, majestic and eternal. sylph has the ability to shapeshift and may even take on another form. it lives within the air element so prefers to reside on mountaintops. it assists humans to obtain positive desires and inspires their creativity. like the sidhe, sylph has an ancient and proud legacy. it is very regal in manner and bearing . it honours its word and protects until death. sadly, fewer and fewer are flying as the modern world creeps in. the few that are left, however, are choosing to come down from the mountaintops and rejoin society to support the changes now occurring within our world. they are re-establishing the honour, glory and majesty inherent in their own kind.

the phoenix-immortality and alchemy
phoenix is a divine mythical birth that has mastered immortality; it is no longer conceived and born through another being. it radiates this magical and divine process to the earth. there is only one phoenix in the world and lives from 500 to 1460 years, before being reborn. the Egyptians were the first t speak of Benu, (probably a heron), which later became the phoenix in greek legends. the Arabian-western phoenix is a bird with gold and scarlet plumage and a melodious cry that lives in the Arabian desert. it lives on dew and the spiritual aromas of frankincense and fragrant gum trees. its final resting place is a nest of twigs, filled with the herbs and spices of cinnamon and myrrh, where it goes to take its last breath and complete the physical death process. phoenix sets the nest on fire like a funeral pyre and after inhaling the pure and life giving fragrances, is consumed by the flames and dies. after three days it is victoriously reborn from its own ashes. this cycle of death and rebirth is repeated for eternity. when the new bird has grown into the same brilliance of strength and character, it gathers the ashes of its predecessor into an egg of myrrh, soars from its nest and flies to the city Heliopolis in Egypt where it places the egg on the altar of the temple of the sun. phoenix symbolizes rebirth, and as it rises from it ashes like a new sun rises when the old has died it represents alchemy. phoenix appeared in china 7,000 years ago and represents high moral virtue, loyalty, honesty, grace, prosperity, justice, the union of yin and yang and power sent to the empress from heaven. the right to wear jewelry showing phoenix was reserved for important people, and showed the wearer was a person of high moral values. phoenix is said to descend from the clouds only when a virtuous ruler is born. it is one of the four emblems of royalty, usually associated with the empress. it can also be paired with dragon, in which case dragon represents the emperor and phoenix the empress. clement of rome was the first Christian to interpret phoenix of Egyptian, greek and oriental myths as a symbol of Christ, the resurrection and immortality and it was later printed on roman coins to symbolize rome, the undying, eternal city.

colour version coming soon.
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