Gods and Dragons Picture

Inspirations: mythology, Clash of the Titans remake, Samurai Jack.

Genre: fantasy, actions, romance.

This series would have been very serious for me should I have made it. All characters would be based on Mythological characters.


Season 1: a Female Demon named Autak, wished to end the gods. Before facing the corrupt gods for one final time, she layed an egg. Once doing that, she flew into the heavens and fought the gods with impressive skills. Although the battle was nearly impossible, she still managed to beat all the gods. However, the god King unleashed the titans, ending the battle.

On Earth, the egg hatched, and a baby dragon was born. The baby crawled around the forest, searching for food. Unfortunately, it would cross paths with a Hydra. But before the young dragon gets devoured, he is saved by a Phoenix, who burns one of the Hydra's faces.
She then adopts him, and in a volcano, she begins to train him how to breathe fire.
Once he is a teen, She would then take him to various mythical creatures, so each of their skills and talents are taught to the dragon, now named Azhi Dahaka. Once he has learned everything, his mother Phoenix teaches him one last thing. Once he is a juvenile, he leaves to find other dragons.

Season 2: Azhi Dahaka finds a valley full of dragons. Once he enters in, he is ambushed by other dragons guarding the territory. However, they do not harm him at all. Instead, he defeats them without trouble. While the other dragons confront him, one female Dragon orders them to stop. Melusine was her name, and she was told by the elder as to why Azhi Dahaka was here. The elder, Quetzalcoatl, was a god himself, but he did not approve of his fellow gods and goddess' treatment of the living beings on Earth. However, he did not wish to fight them, and he hoped to change Azhi Dahaka's mind. However, the young Dragon refuses to makes attempts to compromise with the deities, knowing full well how cruel they can be. Quetzalcoatl then decides to let the young dragon stay in the valley, but everyone else protests. It is then decided to let him stay if he can prove himself worthy. Every challenge is either easy or difficult, but Azhi Dahaka passes them all. He then learns about all the dragons in the valley, making both friends and enemies. Finally the day comes when a Titan is sent to the valley to kill Quetzalcoatl. Azhi Dahaka easily finishes off the Titan, and then proceeds to face the gods themselves, and by himself, as no one else is willing to join him in rebellion against the gods.

Season 3: on his own, Azhi Dahaka takes down all the gods, while all other creatures look upon, humans, animals, humanoids, spirits, monsters, and all types of creatures. However, the kings of the gods agree to unleash a Titan. The Titan is destroyed, unfortunately. It is here where Azhi Dahaka starts to enjoy the pain of the gods and titans. The young dragon begins to torture his enemies, until a mighty roar is heard. Typhon, father if the monsters, is stirring from his imprisonment. Azhi Dahaka realizes that this would be his ultimate challenge. If he can kill the Titan of Devastation, than the gods will be seen as inferior compared to him. Melusine and Quetzalcoatl, along with other dragons begin to worry about Azhi Dahaka. They begin to wonder if he is the pure hearted dragon they once met. Throughout his journey, the young dragon faces many monsters and villains. He would face the children of Typhon himself, including the Hydra that once tried to devour him. Finally he reaches the prison if Typhon. When the Titan escapes, the battle is short, for Typhon is a force unlike any other. Azhi Dahaka then proceeds to awaken the only ones who can help him defeat the beast: the Dragons of Evil. A few of these Dragons include Apophis the sun eater, Orochi the eight-headed, Jormugand the Circle of the World, and Nidhogg of Yggdrasil, just to name a few. With these evil dragons Azhi Dahaka charged at Typhon, and with the help of the evil dragons, slayed the Titan. However, he was nearly killed by Typhon. The other dragons, despite being dark hearted, stood by him as he laid on the ground. Melusine and a few other dragons came to see him. She would express her love for him and he would do the same. Finally, his body would burn.

Season 4: while the other dragons left in agony and sadness, the Evil ones stood where they were. They knew better, they realized who Azhi Dahaka was. Once they were left in solitude, they heard a voice. A voice devoid of any good found in Earth or anywhere in existence. Ahriman, the embodiment of Evil, was speaking to them. He told them that Azhi Dahaka was his and Autak's son. Soon, the ashes left from the dragon's body shifted. Suddenly the ashes Bursted, and out came a Dragon of Immense Size. This Dragon had a Serpentine Body, Three Heads, Wings so Vast that when he unfolded them, they covered all the Heavens. Each head represented something: Pain, Death, and Anguish. Azhi Dahaka roared, and all of existence heard him. The Destroyer of the World has been born.

A few days later, Quetzalcoatl has received a message from the gods: A vast three headed dragon with dragon followers was destroying the lands. The Feathered Serpent flew to the designated area to investigate. There he met face to face with the Destroyer. He could not believe it, but he recognized the Dragon. It was Azhi Dahaka. The two dragons fought for a while, but the Evil Dragon brought down the Benevolent god to the ground, but before he could finish him, Melusine intervened. Azhi Dahaka hesitated, struggling with knowing full well what he once felt for her and what he urges to do to her: kill her. He then flies away with the other Evil Dragons. Meetings of the gods, along with kings, queens, and any types of rulers are formed, and all life is given the chance to see this meeting. The gods argue about what should be done, as they know full well that they do not have the power to defeat this knew threat.
Finally, it is decided that they will fight to the end. And it is so, because soon enough, a war begins, between good and evil. Finally, the gods and heroes manage to bring down all the evil Dragons and Demons. In the end, all is left is Azhi Dahaka. Shockingly, he cannot be hurt by anyone or anything, and all compassion that he used to have is gone. Except one. Before he can kill the gods, Melusine begs him to stop, and he flies away.

Season 5: in a cave, Azhi Dahaka is restless. He must kill Melusine in order to do what he is meant to do. Meanwhile the world hunts for Azhi Dahaka. Soon he is found, and the final battle commences. It is long and arduous, but in the end, the Dragon of Evil stands alone. Melusine reaches him once more, and tries to help him. Deep inside his mind, the young Dragon faces the Enormous Horror looking down at him. In his mind, the two fight. The good seems to have the advantage, until he realizes that the Evil is superior in every way. He is granted a few seconds of control before dying. The Enormous Dragon looks at Melusine with sorrow and eternal love. She knows that there is no longer hope. Back in his mind, the good is burned into oblivion by the evil. The Dragon's six eyes change back into what they were earlier, and Melusine cries.

Suddenly, Azhi Dahaka Roars, and Four more heads sprout from his body, and his body begins producing venomous and dangerous animals, and he grows larger than ever. Azhi Dahaka is now pure Evil. With everyone healed and boosted in power, the Ultimate Battle begins. It is longer than before, but the result is the same. Before he can kill Melusine, however, the ground erupts. An entity of unimaginable size bursts out. Then another beast of similar size bursts from the sea. Behemoth and Leviathan, two of God's most terrifying creations is sent from an unknown realm to stop Azhi Dahaka.

The battle last for seven days, until finally, the angels descend from Heaven and chain the Dragon, bringing him to the unknown realm where Behemoth and Leviathan originated.

Melusine mourns the loss of her life's love, but lives on, and the gods swear to be better and more responsible and compassionate towards other life forms.

From there, humans invented Mythology.

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