Redacted Picture

Erica is a skeleton. She was born a skeleton. Okay, here's how:
Skeletons can only exist via Necromancy and a Necromancer's magic. A Necromancer can raise a skeleton from their deathbed, and if they choose to allow them sentience and free will, the skeleton will retain magic from the Necromancer. This allows them to behave as a human does, being able to eat and digest, excrete, cry, bleed, and reproduce. Most of the time, whenever the mother skeleton bears a child, much of her magical energy is depleted, making it highly likely she will die within months, or possibly even decades. Once the magic fades, only the original Necromancer can revive them, however, their memories will be broken from their long sleep. These memories only come back with luck, not by any amount of magic.
Erica doesn't really joke around, she's usually serious and stoic (kind of like Garnet). She looks mean and scary, but she's a real sweetheart if you're good to her and her friends. She doesn't like people touching her bones, as skeletons are rare and fairly new to her world, people don't know that in their culture, touching of the bones is like lifting up someone's shirt and caressing their breasts/pecs. She snaps. Like literally. She bites people who piss her off like that and smacks them. If you say "kinky~" she'll punch you where the sun don't shine. Her hair (for now) is made of magical fire from her mother's Necromancer. Her mom's probs gonna be dead. idk rn
Rebecca is a selkie. Selkies a like mermaids but the fish part is a seal. Rebecca is very smart, helpful, and talkative, as well as easily embarrassed (her friends love to tease her, but know not to go too far). She loves to swim (duh). Despite looking like a total vegan, she's completely carnivorous. When she takes off her pelt, she wears it as a cape so it's harder to steal (selkie mythology look it up on Google or ask me I don't mind explaining)
Sakura is a madremonte. A madremonte is a mother of flora and fauna, they live in forests and protect the inhabitants from people who wish to do them harm. Sakura doesn't open her mouth and speaks via telepathy for a very good reason: her breath can be poisonous. Depending on how she's feeling, her organs will react to the brain stimuli, and will change the gases inside her lungs. It can go from a completely safe nitrogen to a toxic chlorine. She's very sassy and fashion-forward, and knows how to make an entrance.
Bandi is a ghost/spirit/soul/whatever. She was murdered (again, I like mystery even if no one's gonna read this lol dedication) and has been trying to find her murderer for quite a while; maybe it's been five years, or maybe it's been five hundred, murdered souls like her have lost the ability to understand time, therefore she can manipulate time, though she's not totally aware of this power. She's quiet and timid with a lot of PTSD and terrible, nightmarish flashbacks, but is truly the kindest soul of all her freaky friends.
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