Kitsune of the kitsune forests Picture

Kitsunes: Kitsunes are magical fox creatures that can change form. They can change form to a human(fox ears and tail are opitional) and to a Fox, though this transformation drains them of energy so they don't do it often. Kitsunes are Carnivorous, feasting on rabbits, and other small rodents; though they do eat fruits from trees as well. They live in large family groups that are ran by the elders. Kitsune elders do not show a sign of aging. They only get extra tails and lighter fur. Kitsune male and females do not grow body nor facial hair when they are in their human form either. You could so they all look like a fox ken and barbie.

Kitsune forest: The Kitsune forest was by all, a forests of dreams and myths. When you enter the forests are are greated with pink and tight green leaved trees, and over the canapoes you will see monnlight or sunlight casting shadows on the trees. The Forests are used as religous ground for the Sun elves.

Thedoria II: Thedoria is my fictional world. It has three settings: Antique age(prehistoric to early renasiance) Age of discovery(mid renasiance to 1950s) and the age of space( 1960s to science fiction)
It has two main continents now, Thedoria(a continent as large as Pangea) and The Rising sun isles. more info here.
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