Rakshasa Picture

Raksha is on the same alternate Earth as the past several characters, Earth Psi. Long ago, a demon roamed in an Indian village. The monks of a nearby temple fought and eventually subdued the demon. Several years later, a single mother and her child sought refuge at that same temple. All his life, the child grew up near the cell of the demon, fearing for his life. When the child grew into adulthood, the child received a message from Indra, the head of the Indian pantheon. The man was preparing to leave when he saw the cage of the demon and thought he might be useful. He asked if the demon wanted to be set free. The demon said that he vehemently wanted to be. So, the man, Jotunn, made a blood-pact with the demon. By doing so, he was willingly becoming the source of blood for the demon’s nourishment so that the demon would not feed on others. Ever since, he has been in the shadows in case the main team of guards needed reinforcements or were overwhelmed. The demon has chosen the name Dānta (pronounced in English as daunt) since he feeds like a vampire, through biting and sucking with his teeth.

Being a creature of the supernatural, Dānta has seen and done things that most would consider abhorrent. However, Dānta lacks human emotion and as such is cold to others living. He has shown some sadisitic tendencies as well as insight to human nature thanks to his long life.

  • Demonic Physiology: Being a demon of Indian myth as well as being empowered by the blood of a Neolympian, Dānta has numerous abilities including:

    • Superhuman Strength

    • Superhuman Agility

    • Superhuman Reflexes

    • Superhuman Senses

    • Razor-sharp talons that can cut through steel and help with wall-crawling.

    • Retractable skin membrane that can allow Dānta to fly.

    • Camouflage: Dānta is able to blend himself seamlessly into an environment but especially well in darkness.

    • Martial Arts: Dānta has extensive knowledge of Asian martial arts.

    • Eidetic Memory: Dānta has a natural eidetic memory.

    • Energy Blast: Dānta is able to send fiery energy blasts from his palms at opponents.

    • Inhibitors: Dānta wears inhibitors that reduce his powers to nonlethal levels.

  • With all these powers also comes consequences:

    • In the light of the sun, his superhuman traits are reduced to human levels and his camouflage doesn’t work in the daylight.

    • Energy blasts require massive amounts of energy. He only uses them as a trump card.

    • Sights, odors, sounds, and smells can overwhelm his fine-tuned senses.

    • The amount of power Dānta is able to use is directly correlated to the amount of blood he has taken from Jotunn for sustenance.

The demon gets his codename from the general name for demon from Indian mythology.

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