SC Madeleine Renard Picture

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Name: Madeleine Renard
Nickname: Mad
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Year: First

Division: Weapon user
Weapon: Hammer
Upon calling her star, a 3’10’’ hammer appears. Since it is reasonably heavy, she is rather slow, but causes great damage thanks to the momentum.
Special attack: Supernova: When using her special attack, her hammer charges with energy. Hitting something afterwards causes a massive explosion. It takes a lot of her stamina, so she will not be able to fight for a good 30 minutes following the use of the special attack and she will be weak until she gets to sleep. She may be hurt in the explosion.

Club/Sport: Baseball and Homework
Personality: Madeleine is a very upbeat and friendly girl. She is very sociable, and likes to talk to as many people as possible. She CANNOT STAY STILL and will often run in corridors, tap her feet while sitting or move her hands alot when talking to someone else She unfortunately teases a lot and is a tad mischievous, but all in good fun. She is quite curious and lacks tact, which can lead to uncomfortable conversations with her, especially since she is very flirtatious, wether you be boy of girl. She likes to take the lead most of the time, and has a hard time letting others lead her, but if her trust is earned well, she will do whatever you ask of her and be extremely loyal. Madeleine also has a Napoleon complex, so she gets ticked off if anybody that makes fun of her size.

+Bright hair dyes
+The sun
+Tarot cards
+Spicy food
-Classical music
-Her size

Biography: Madeleine Renard was born in Canada in a family where she was the only child. Always short for her age, she was often teased and thus developed a quick and witty mind in order to retort. She then started having a reputation as the short malicious girl and people stopped teasing her. She made many friends anyways, always happy to meet new people and forgetting hurtful things they might have said. These friends were enough for her, even though she could not always rely on them. She became a very independant and fiery girl, always taking the lead in school projects and sports.

Her father, an important man responsible for importations of electronic devices in Canada, encouraged her to learn as many languages as possible, so she could be able to speak with his clients and learn about the world outside of her country. She currently speaks fluent french, english, japanese and basic hindi and german.

One day, he left on a business trip on the Asteri Islands. He came back with a special present for Madeleine: a cellphone. Not understanding the exclusivity of it, she treated it normally, though she was curious about the star button, but never bothered to ask about it's nature to her father.
A few years later, she received an invitation from the Star-Crown High to come study there. Her parents were hesitant at first, but gave in after reading about the excellent reputation of the school, and moved in for a few months, just enough time for her to settle in the new school.
She was skeptical when told about the star button and her special power, but after seeing it's effect, was happy to help and excited about learning to fight, without thinking of the possible consequences.

Quote: Let’s play croquet!

Relationships: None at the moment

Voice: None at the moment

-Her favourite sport is croquet, though there aren’t many croquet clubs, so she plays baseball instead
-She is 5’0’’
-She is ½ Indian ½ French-canadian
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