The Winter Court Picture

A formal court session with the entire Winter family present. What a winter court session would cover ... well.

I have no idea why, but I've got this whole mythology worked out in my head, so here it is:

The Queen of Winter is ... well, exactly what her title says. She rules over winter with sometimes ruthless effectiveness. Her firstborn daughter is her heir, the North Wind and Winter's Warrior. Her firstborn son is Jack Frost. Between them, they make it safe for their mother to bring winter.

Jack Frost cannot inherit the throne of Winter. He can father children, but they don't signify in the line of inheritance in any meaningful way.

The North Wind cannot inherit the throne until she has her own daughter, and her daughter is old enough to take up the role of Winter's Warrior. (The training years may result in some exceptionally early, cold and blustery winters.) Once her daughter is ready, the Winter Queen dies, and the new Queen takes the throne. (The whole cycle takes hundreds of years. After all, they're mystical.) Also, as a purely procedural issue, Winter's Warrior is the only person allowed to bear arms in the presence of the Queen in the throne room.

You might wonder, where do winter babies come from? To which the only thing I can say is, in temperate parts of the world, the Queen does have something like nine months off. She has to do SOMETHING with that time. (Oh, and there are different Winter monarchs and methods for different parts of the world. Just because.)

- Jack Frost: Sirano M5 by Danmoria with Frostbite V4 texture; Esidor hair by Mairy/3Dream; corset from Night World Mourning Sun by Arien; thong and kilt from SF Unearthly Realms Necromancer by Sickleyield and Fuseling, with spiderweb texture from DOOM! texture set;
- Queen of Winter: base body is Pixeluna's Avni, GenX'd, with V4 Maturing morphs to age her a bit; the texture is NatRat's Bellatrice from, with more white added to the diffuse. Hair is Feliciana by 3Dream/Mairy, and the crown comes from the Frostbite set from DAZ. Corset and boots from Roxana Yaroslavna for Genesis, the Genesis Morphing Fantasy Dress overskirt, with Fisty's Sparkle shaders on everything. Scepter is the ART Collaborations Mystical staff, with Marieah/Fisty Gemologica shaders for the stones.
- Crystal, North Wind and Winter's Warrior: Texture comes from FWArt's Crystal for V4 freebie; the body comes from the Sickleyield/Fuseling Epic for Genesis, the female Paladin body. This Armor is more ceremonial, with Historical Armor for V4 breastplate, gloves and armpieces, with the Sword Sisterhood texture set by Arien; Frostbite for V4 pauldrons and swords, and Alruna leggings and boots.

The Winter throneroom comes from the RDNA Infinity Cove 3, including texture from RDNA. The throne itself is the Frostibe throne from DAZ from the full Frostbite set.
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