My Villain Compilation Picture

This is just my villain character compilation, usually they all wont stand together like this. This is something for my reference later for my comic which also features this characters

Rough Character Description

All of this characters are created scientifically by the enemy organization of this story which is the Acolytes of Dementrium and the Arcnum Festrayaer. Both organizations are allies. They create clones with embeded genes of ancient celestial and deities similar clan blood pact.

The girl with the pink hair is Sheel Vas.

Created by the Arcnum Festrayaer out of the legendary lonely and vengeful Banshee Spirit, she has an ability to travel from reflections and her body is completely shape shiftable. Her scream is so fierce that any Celestial will be affraid to approach. Her body is imperfect humanoid and she has no ability to touch or have human relationships.

Blue haired boy is called Kenou Serigala

Created by the Acolytes of Dementrium, he is a Cave wolf wraith spirit. He has an ability to travel through water as a medium, it is small and has extremely high agility and venurability because of his small size. He also has an ability to control water in human body, making him a highly dangerous being.

Grey haired man with gold plating helmet is Gosep Shokan.

Created by the Acolytes of Dementrium. He is a Aztech War Deity with only the most powerful melee attack. His attack grows everytime he gets attacked or he attacks. Making him a very powerful and fearsome enemy. He has no ariel ability, but he can leap into high altitudes making him very dangerous.

Creepy guy with Green Hair is Kaizen Tengora.

Created by Arcnum Festrayaer.A forgotten ancient Celtic ressurector spirit or could be known as a necromancer. He uses a very powerful wip to render enemies away from him, he takes control of the dead to destroy his enemies. He can bring the dead back to life, but his evil intentions leaves him not doing so.

Brown armored guy at the back is Waizt Ketan.

Created by Acolytes of Dementrium.A Mythological Beast Spirit called the Minitour King from Greece. His power lies in his ability to create vast devastation from earth quakes. He has powerful melee attacks, he can armor himself with rocks and increase his size 10 times fold.

Lastly the red hair guy with the bright yellow skin is Mauzora Hadar.

He is the most successful god power ressurected by Acolytes of Dememtrium and Arcnum Fastrayear. Using the same technology to created their beings, the legendary Assyrian Rebel God Ahura Mazda otherwise known as Asura is the greatest pride of the organization. His power overwelms all and he is strong both melee and range. He teleports using the power of the sun and he uses the power of the moon to see all things on earth. He uses the power of the stars to dig into everyones past.

He is Rakishou worst enemy, both of them have similar objectives, but Rakishou has hate against humans while Mauzora Hadar hates the gods and celestials. He believes that its the gods and celestial were the fault in creating the universe, and he wishes to destroy the gods and lead the world. Rakishou disagress and says its only that humans are their own nature and gods necessary for the world. Mauzora doesnt believe and he wants only him, the only god that should rule and wishes to kill his father, another god called Tanshaikuten who is shapeless and unseen. Both Rakishou and Mauzora fought, but Mauzora emerged victorious. Rakishou escapes and ask Nyrie to gather her friends to fight against Mauzora and the evil organizations. Her friends, Raigz, Kainuke, Alyana,Ais,Sigried, and many many others.
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