Sunfalcon Picture

The first of my original characters. My Elseworld Hawkman design was inspired by this character's design since I figured I would never be able to pull off the exact design for Sunfalcon I've always had in my head and on paper with the character design program that I use. But now that I've figured out how to get characters to look pretty much the way that I want them to for the most part, I probably will be re-designing Hawkman for my Elseworld with an altogether different look closer to something from one of his various DC incarnations.

Evan Marshall is the offspring of a human father and semi immortal mother belonging to an ancient hidden race known as the Aushari. The Aushari are a highly advanced human like race believed to be of extraterrestrial origin who have a large degree of knowledge in the areas of science and technology as well as a vast understanding of the workings of the mystic arts. The influence of the Aushari upon early human society seems to be the most prevalent among the ancient cultures of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America as their interaction with those civilizations became the inspiration of the various pantheons of “gods” and “demons” of the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Mayan and Aztec mythologies.

Evan Marshall has adopted the identity of the Sunfalcon primarily to act as a one of the guardian warriors against some of the actively malevolent elements of the Aushari race who view normal human civilizations as inferior and whose place should be to serve the will of these particular elements of the Aushari race. Along the way Sunfalcon has found himself battling various non Aushari related threats to the human race and society in general. Due to his Aushari blood, Evan Marshall possesses a higher level of physical strength, stamina, agility and reflexes as well as greater mental acuity than an average human being. He also, since reaching full adult maturity, seems to age at a slower rate than normal humans. He is an expert in hand to hand combat and various forms of martial arts. When not active as Sunfalcon, Evan Marshall is the very prominent CEO of Isis Enterprises, a cutting edge medical research and technology corporation headquarter in growing the neo-tech metropolis of New St. Charles.

In his Sunfalcon identity, Marshall utilizes Aushari created weapons in the form of Aushari “Falcon” battle attire composed of a protective mystic/cybernetic helmet and a flight harness. The helmet allows Sunfalcon to operate and control the mechanics of the flight harness as well as provide auditory and optical enhancements and environmental/situational displays when needed. His flight harness generates a set of solid photon energy wings which allows Sunfalcon to achieve flight and can be used as both offensive and defensive weapons when needed. The flight harness also contains a mystic component which monitors the environment and atmospheric conditions and automatically adjusts/protects Sunfalcon against the rigors of high speed flight and extremes in temperatures.

Sunfalcon also utilizes “the Sunstaff”, a combination mythic/tech staff like weapon that is capable of generating light, heat and concussive force blasts with higher end energy outputs equal to one Sol (Earth) type sun. The Sunstaff can be mystically compressed to half its size and is magnetically attached to the back of his belt for carrying when not in use. Sunfalcon also uses “Sundiscs”, mystically generated shuriken type weapons which generate a field of flame around themselves when activated and thrown. The discs are generated by touching either of the gems on his arm gauntlets and can be reabsorbed back into the gems after use by touching them to the gem.
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