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Naoto was born on Cinnabar Island, however his family moved to Viridian City when he was 4 to escape the volcano's eruption. At the age of 6 his parents were killed in a car accident, thus putting him in the care of his then 13 year old sister, Megumi, until he was old enough to get a trainer's license. Although he doesn't remember what his parents were like, he still misses them a lot. Since he set out on his pokemon journey, he has taken a few odd jobs here and there to fund both his journey and his film projects. He heard of the Pokemon Dream Labs from word of mouth, and, seeking inspiration for his next project, volunteered to join.

Ever since he was a little kid, Naoto has been a huge movie buff. As such, he decided to take up a career as a film director. He's very enthusiastic about his work and will ask trainers if they wish to take part in his movies. He may come off as a bit odd at first glance, but he deeply cares for his friends and his pokemon.


Shooting Star (Charizard, Male) Ability: Blaze
Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Fly
Named after the fire dragon from Record of Lodoss War. Shooting Star was actually Megumi's starter pokemon when he was a charmander. However, after their parents died, she gave him to Naoto to keep him company when she couldn't. The two became inseparable, and consider each other as brothers. Shooting Star does share Naoto's passion in movies, so he often takes up camera duty. He's a bit more level-headed than his trainer, serving as a perfect counterbalance for Naoto's antics. He received the scar on his cheek when battling a Mienshao three years ago.

Wukong (Infernape, Male) Ability: Iron Fist
Swords Dance, Fire Punch, Mach Punch, U-Turn
Named after Sun Wukong, the monkey king in Chinese mythology. Naoto received him from a trade with a friend. Wukong is highly intelligent, spending his time reading many classic novels and smoking his pipe. He still enjoys a good fight, much like any fighting type, but only if he feels the opponent is worthy of his fists.

Sakura (Volcarona, Female) Ability: Flame Body
Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Fiery Dance, Giga Drain
Named after the sakura tree. Naoto caught her when exploring some old ruins. A mischievous thing, she loves nothing more than to torment people and pokemon that have a phobia of bugs, much to Naoto's embarrassment. He tries to keep her in check, but once she goes off, there's no stopping her.
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