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New World Order Hetalia A.U.

Explanation-This is a world in the future where all the countries(2p and other A.U.’s included) work together each sustaining a single major job to keep the world running. While the world is somewhat corrupt like any government, the technology is rather archaic at times. The only people with technology that is especially advanced are those who work for the government. Everything else in the world is SteamPunk style and the people have to work out things for themselves. The people who are rich live in the capitols center and then the poor out ward to the surrounding cities and beyond. The Roads are never used except by bandits and the Post master and the messengers who deliver messages. The outer regions that are not inhabited are monster ridden(any kind of monster from mythology)and therefore, most people don’t risk their lives trying to travel without certain protection from Enforcers or the Messengers. The Enforcers are the law men/women and work for the government to keep peace and help the people however that is not always the case. The Messengers run the most dangerous routes constantly and travel with the people’s only way to communicate, letters. The Toy makers also double as weapon and gadget makers knowing how to create master pieces of fine craftsman’s ship for the government and please the children. There are other shops and markets located in various cities things like farming and agriculture, Bartenders, artists and others thrive in the capitol. The Students in the Capitol(Gauken A.U. people can find a home here) Attend the school those with the highest marks by the end of 8 years of studying they can go into the government. The school has dorms separated by only gender with classes and free time spread though the week giving about ¾ school time and ¼ free time throughout the week. The countries
The Basics:
What Types of Hetalia- Anyone can be a part of this O.C.’s (though they will be subject to desecration) 2p, normal, Gauken, anything as long as they are Human. Please, no pony, or dogs or cats, unless you are part human.
Parts for Ask/rp Accounts- Parts are decided on Personality and by request.(and auditions)
O.C.’s Parts- You must audition for a part. Please understand my discretions about O.C.’s because many are not well thought out and created only out of a whim. Please do research on your character.
Main Accounts- You can join but as well will be subject to questioning and lower status as your not directly related to Hetalia(unless you Audition for a main character then that’s fine). We will need normal people in the world if you want to fill in minor jobs working for or just bumping into characters thatsfine to.
Auditions- Send me
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