Amaya/Akeno Picture

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Verse: Original; Kitsunes
Date: (The date this sheet was completed.)

Full Name: Akeno Sekushī-na

Pronunciation: Ak-en-o Se-ku-shi-na
Nickname/Alias: Amaya
Meaning: Amaya means ‘beloved night’ and Akeno means In The Morning; Bright Shining Field.
Origin: Amaya and Akeno both correspond with day and night. Akeno/Amaya likes to think of it like that.
Title: Nope!
Pet Name: A lot of his family will call him Amaya, while some call him Akeno which annoys Amaya. People also call him Kitsune cause that’s what he is, they are legit calling him a fox. And he is a fox.
ID Number: 10131521801.
Signature: Its very neat and small, but rushed its messy.

Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple, Teal, Yellow.
Favorite Animals: Foxes!
Favorite Mythological
Creatures: Kitsunes!!!
Favorite Places: Japan, the country and London, England
Favorite Landmarks: (Ex: Eiffel Tower, Mt. Rushmore)
Favorite Flavors: Anything sweet!
Favorite Foods: Fruits, apples, strawberries, cherries, ect.
Favorite Drinks: Root beer.
Favorite Characters: (Not one of yours)
Favorite Genre: Romance/Science fiction
Favorite Books: The Selection, The Throne of Glass, The Hero’s Guide to…, The Land of Story books
Favorite Movies: Harry Potter series.
Favorite Games: it varies.
Favorite Shows: ANIME!
Favorite Music: Varies again, a lot.
Favorite Bands: She likes a lot of bands
Favorite Songs: Unravel, Fight Song, Uma Thurman, Take me to church, Doll House.
Favorite Sports: Swimming, Crocate.
Favorite Stores: Hot topic!
Favorite Subjects: Science and history.
Favorite Numbers: 13, 14, 15, 16.
Favorite Websites: Pinterest, Youtube, DA.
Favorite Words: I AM A FOX~!
Favorite Quotations: “We are all different but that's something kind of FANTASTIC about that, isn't there?”

Least Favorite Colors: She hates anything way to bright or dark for her eyes
Least Favorite Animals: Coyotes, because they eat animals.
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: the Yuki-Onnas have always freaked her out.
Least Favorite Places: Cold places where ice freezes into her fur.
Favorite Landmarks: The south pole.
Least Favorite Flavors: Bitterness, sour.
Least Favorite Foods: Anything that is bitter or sour. Example; lemons.
Least Favorite Drinks: cured of a fish, and milk that has gone bad.
Least Favorite Characters: Anyone who is extremely hateful or bitchy.
Least Favorite Genre: Horror makes her pale white.
Least Favorite Books: Horror books
Least Favorite Movies: Horror movies
Least Favorite Games: Horror games sometimes
Least Favorite Shows: Reality TV
Least Favorite Music: Screamos; its too loud for her ears.
Least Favorite Bands: She hates none,
Least Favorite Songs: What makes you beautiful one direction
Least Favorite Sports: Field Hockey
Least Favorite Stores: Victoria Secrets
Least Favorite Subjects: Math
Least Favorite Numbers: .2222222222222222222220000000
Least Favorite Websites: Hate sites.
Least Favorite Words: fag, bitch, pussy-words like that.
Least Favorite Quotations: “I still can't decide if meeting you was the saddest or greatest day of my life because my heart is still split, into two pieces made up of love and hatred and both sides hold your name.”

Languages: Japanese-Fluent, English-Fluent, Spanish/French-Needs some work.
Accent: She speaks with no accent unless shes made then her speech turns into Japanese/English mix.
Voice: Amaya has an equal pitch voice that sounds neither genders if you’re trying to identify by voice alone the gender.
Speech Impediments: If she is extremely cold then she stutters whenever she shivers.
Greetings and Farewells: “Hello! How are you??” “Good bye!*bows*”
State of Mind: “I am quite well actually! Thank you very nice”
Compliment: “You are very nice person!”
Insult: “You know what, it was just so low. I don’t want to see your smug face ever again. Don’t you dare come near me again!”
Laughter: It sounds high pitch and she will continue to laugh and giggle even afterwards.
Tag Line: “Oh dear fox.”
Signature Quote: “why don’t you guys just leave me alone? I’m a girl by definition which is the mental state of gender, not the parts! Why can’t you just stop talking about it! I’m a kitsune, we aren’t so different.”

Reputation: (Kind, nice, sweet.
First Impressions: She is sweet and kind, nice and funny while being helpful and respectful.
Stranger Impressions: They can find her a bit annoying but helpful.
Friendly Impressions: They know she is very kind, but mischievous.
Enemy Impressions: They hate her because they’re transphobic, and she’s a transsexual. They hate that she’s just being her, and not a boy.
Familiar Impressions: Her family thinks she is a good girl, and an excellent kitsune…while her brothers do tease her.
Compliments: Kind, nice, sweet, fun, good lisner, not judgmental, helpful.
Insults: They’d call her a fag or gay or something like that.
Self-Impression: She thinks that shes nice and sweet, but

MBTI Personality Type: Introvert
Temperament: A pale pink or a light green.
Enneagram: The Individualist/The Loyalist/The Enthusiast,
Ego/Superego/Id: She is driven by the idea of ‘not caring’ she tries to not let words hurt her.
The Self: The firm belief to just be herself.
The Shadow: Her tricks can be harmful, even when she doesn’t relieze it, when she lashes out…its bad.
Persona/Mask: She presents herself as a girl, not a boy that she is ‘supposedly’ is.

Role: Amaya is there to there to be a badass fem-boy. That’s why.
Fulfillment: It takes awhile, but she does serve it.
Significance: I shall think of this later….
Alignment: Amaya is a kitsune.
Comparison: A fox. Amaya is literally a fox, and they are both mischievous and cunning.
Symbol: For Amaya the symbol of the moon and the sun matter a lot. Many people believe he has to be either one gender or the other and chose one. The sun are people who hate him, because the sun burns and blazes like a fire while the moon represents the people who hate him as the moon is cool and inviting.
Song: Little Talks by Monsters of Men
Vice: Amaya often envies the other girls for actually being natural girls, and not having to deal with the predigest he has to face every day.
Virtue: Amaya is extremely kind, even to those who do not deserve his kindness.
Defining Moment: When Amaya was allowed by his mother to pick and dress up in his first kimono. He felt so alive after that.
Tropes: Amaya can be extremely feminine at time and getting scared of her shadow. She can be a bit of a scaredy cat…or fox.
Originality: Amaya is different from the other Kitsunes not only from her gender, but also because despite the tricks she plays he always goes back and makes whatever she makes wrong. She has a big heart despite having a quiet voice.
One Word: Mischievous
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