Scarab and Papyrus Tattoo 2011 Picture

This is my fifth tattoo and in a way was inspired by my fascination for Egyptian mythology since I was in the sixth grade. I had a teacher who was a history buff and would always tell stories from ancient Egypt, Greece and England. Part of me has always felt a connection to that place in time and have had an occasional psychic and clairvoyant fellow pagans tell me I have had a lifetime or two there. I have three Egyptian tattoos around my left shoulder now, and this new one with the papyrus reeds now complete it and connect them all. They all have purposes, meanings and reasons for being there, and in a way was divinely inspired (I know sounds crazy, but that is the only word I can think of to use).

I wanted to get a piece of a spell and prayer from the book of the dead inscribed in it with hieroglyphics but thought the task of searching for a proper translation difficult. Ancient Egyptians wore scarab amulets over their hearts with an inscription on it and would bury them with their dead. The part I wanted is as follows:

My heart of my mother, my heart of my mother,
my heart of my earthly being
Do not stand against me as witness beside the lords of the ritual
Do not say against me, he did do it, about my actions
Do not make a case against me beside the great god

I went to the same artist that did my lily and am once again impressed.
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