Design sheet - Hinome no Knight Picture

Well, it looks like my art groove is coming back. Drawn with no pose refs and only refs for the basic design.

This was made with some help from *sakkysa. She made some really great suggestions.

So I was sitting around today and the idea of giving him some power ups hit me. Stupid art ideas getting in the way of comic making.
Before anyone asks, there are good reasons as to why his uniform changes the way it does and those will be explained in the comic as they happen. This isn't just random. His fourth and final form is missing from this image as it's...well not finished designing yet and its a spoiler.

As to whether or not that spear will show up...who knows? It might. And no. He doesn't have a henshin item. He's too cool for one. That's also not his starseed. It's his crystal. Whole 'nother thing there.

Name: Taiyou Meikyuu
Meaning: Solar mystery
Gender: male
Age: 19
Birthday: August 01, 1976
Birth sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Appearance: He has straight blond hair that he leaves a little long in the front, sectioned into bangs that hide a good deal of his face. The back is left longer, falling just past his shoulders. His eyes, what can be seen of them are green. He’s not overly tall, standing at
Clothing style: He’s mostly seen wearing a teal colored suit with a white shirt and purple tie. When he’s not wearing those, however, he tends to wear baggy pants, t-shirts, and sandals.
Personality: He’s reluctant to admit it, but he really doesn’t like the dark. He always sleeps with a light on, whether it’s leaving his lamp on or leaving a light on in the living room and sleeping with his bedroom door on. He is a very proud person and is prone to taking risks. He likes to have a good time and loves attention. He’s very charismatic and draws people to him wherever he goes even if they don’t know who he is. He’s protective of people he knows. On the other side, he’s also prone to be bossy and stubborn. He’s doesn’t like it, but he is dependent on others as he hates to be lonely. He likes to get his own way and has shown evidence of having a jealous and mean streak.
Education: He attends Tokyo Metropolitan Roppongi High School and is in his final year there. Prior to that, he attended Minato-ku Roppongi Middle School.

Talents: writing stories
Fears: the dark
Dislikes: writer’s block
Likes/Hobbies: making up stories, drawing
Favorite Food: katsudon (pork bowl), sushi, finger foods
Least Favorite Food: pizza (it’s too greasy and messy)
Favorite School Subject: Languages, art, and anything he can be creative in
Least Favorite Subject: math, because it’s so rigid and structured
Favorite Gemstone: Sunstone (Give you extra energy when you are ill or under stress , stimulate sexual arousal and increase sexual energy, increase self-healing power, and promotes harmony among the organs functions)
Favorite Color: red, orange, teal
Favorite Mythological Animal: winged horses
Favorite Animal: Lion, heron
Favorite Flower: Apple blossom (promise), Iris (inspiration)
Least Favorite Flower: Queen Anne’s Lace (delicate femininity)
Strengths: imagination
Weaknesses: loneliness
History: Meikyuu is the author of many popular manga series. He started writing while he was in grade 9 and sold his first story to Nakayoshi the following year. He’s grown quite popular with readers from all age groups and especially with teenaged girls. There are rumors of an anime series to be based on his popular series ‘The Queen’s Dragons’.
Little it know about his personal life and he prefers it that way.

Senshi Name: Hinome no Knight
Translation:The Sunlight Knight
Senshi Title:
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Sun
Symbol: sun symbol
Aura Color: orange-red
Colors: white, blue, orange-red
Type of Character In Battle:
Weapons: unknown
Fuku Design: He wears a white tuxedo, black mask, black shirt, black shoes and gloves, and a white cape held onto the tux with silver buttons. The cape is lined with dark blue fabric. He also wears a white top had with a blue band around it. He also has a pair of white spats covering his shoes.
Senshi Personality:

Henshin Phrase: unknown
Henshin Item: unknown
Henshin Sequence: unknown
Origin of Power/Influence: sun
Elemental strengths: unknown
Elemental weaknesses: unknown

Sonic Vibrations
Eternal Light Waves

Hinome no Knight (c) me
Sailormoon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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