Vile Darwinia Picture

Name: Vile Darwinia

Nickname: n/a

Age: 18

Year: 2nd

Race: Human

Laterality: Ambidextrous

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Personality and Backstory:

Vile is very cool and straightforward, and is not angered easily. He is quite protective of his team, though he’s not afraid to get them into dangerous situations if he knows they can handle it. He takes great efforts to remain calm, as he knows his lack of control over his semblance could harm his teammates. It’s not that he’s emotionless, though: he laughs and makes jokes like any other team member.

When he was young, Vile was play-fighting with his sister when he accidentally activated his semblance for the first time, which put his sister into a coma and after that still often killed plant life. He’s gotten control over it, but it’s why he’s so worried of his team being around him.

The Darwinia family are made up of humans who used to work hand in hand with the White Fang for faunus equality, but cut ties when the Fang turned to violence. However, people outside the family still associate them with the new White Fang. They own a small dust mine, from where Vile gets his dust reserves.

Vile knew Sun Wukong when they were younger. Sun says he “hates that guy.” Vile says “Sun who?”

Team: VIVA (leader)

Partner: Iris Zahirah

Weapon: Apekiba (ah-peh-ky-bah)

Vile’s weapon is an extendable staff with a core that contains Dust. The tips of the staff can emit the Dust as energy, and can be adjusted depending on what kinds of Dust are in the core. Vile specializes in fire, wind, and gravity Dust. It can also fold out into a glider form, which adds another dimension to his fighting style.

Semblance: “Poison”

When his skin comes into physical contact with a person or Grimm, Vile can inflict a sort of status on them that drains energy and aura. It can worsen or wear off over time, depending on the health of the affected. However, Vile tends to mentally activate it in times of stress, making it worrisome.

Fighting Style:

Vile is a very up-close fighter and prefers approaching quickly, yet defensively. He strikes with precise attacks and prefers to defend until he sees an opening, letting his semblance wear down the foe. He leaves a lot of skin exposed on his arms for the purpose of that physical contact, to inflict his semblance. He knows how to block attacks and look for body cues to predict his foe’s movements. When facing a foe that’s too tough or resilient, he can get overwhelmed quickly. He uses his weapon’s glider form at both a means of getting in and out of battle quickly, aided by dust to propel himself, but when gliding it leaves him somewhat open to attack. When fighting close he prefers to use fire and other normal elemental dust, but he finds gravity and wind the most helpful when flying. He usually has to rely on his partner for long-range cover when fighting.


All of the members of Team VIVA are based on mythological creatures or gods. Feel free to guess which ones!

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