Xifta - Organization Character Picture

This is my organization character, Xifta. Here's here profile and I hope you like the drawing.

Name: Xifta (pronounced zhifta)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Eye Color: blue-silver
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Physical Appearance: Her long raven-black hair flows down to her waist, and her long black bangs caress her cheeks, outlining her face. Her bright blue eyes look almost silver in the reflection of light. Her face is a bit smaller than the average girl face, which hides her expressions when she has her hood on. Her skin is soft and smooth, with a tint of a tan color to it. Her build is broad shoulders with skinny arms, showing some muscle, she has a slim body with not too wide hips, with the bone sticking out, if you saw her without clothes. Her legs are thin, but have some muscle on it. Though she doesn't look like it, she is quite strong for your almost average girl. Her fingers are thin and not too boney, with cuts that come from her talent.
Outfit: Under the robe, Xifta wears a black tank top under her red tank top that slits down to the top of her breasts, showing the black from the tank top underneath. On the red tank top is the eye of horus, the god of the sun, but is also known as the god of the sky, which shows her interest in Egyptian mythology. The tank top is a bit short, which allows a couple of inches of her stomach to be shown. Her arms have a gold band, which also displays her interest in Egyptian mythology. Over her waist is a black, lolita-type skirt, that was laced at the bottom and only went down to the top of her knees. She wore leather boots with a lot of buckles on them, that made her a few inches taller than her normal height.
Personality: Though Xifta lacks true emotions, though she displayed what seemed like real emotions. She tends to be very quiet, like an artist, who paints and draws pictures. She liked to show off some times when she is pleased with a drawing of hers, though she liked to stand out in a way that wouldn't draw attention from a lot of people. She is very creative, but she is more of a follower than a leader. She doesn't stick out much, like most people with artistic talents, but with her bi-polar-type moods.
Motive: She doesn't have a motive like many others, since she doesn't want to get a lot of power, but her motive is quite small. She wants to create a world of arts. A world where arts is a well-known talent and is greatly appreciated.
Background: Her past is unknown, even to herself, all she can remember is that she was and still is a painter and drawer.
World: The World That Never Was
Side: Organization
Strongest Trait: The Path of the Mystic
Weakest Trait: The Path of the Warrior
Form: Wisdom
Art: The element of water is in her favor, like the flow of paint on a piece of paper, she slices and dices with each swipe of her 'brush'. Her brush-like staff is used for long-ranged battles. With each swipe of her 'brush', water comes out, like paint, and cuts everything in its path. Her staff can also be turned into smaller swords which are used for close-ranged battles. There isn't anything special about them, they're just swords.
Weapon: A long staff, that looks like a paint brush, which at the end, is very sharp. It may not look like much, but in fact, it deals out a lot of power. At first, it looks only like a mere paintbrush, but when in battle, it becomes longer and looks more like a staff. Though the staff is used for long-ranged battles, it becomes two smaller swords for close-ranged battles.
Heartless: Unknown at the moment
Romantic Interest: Might be attracted to Zexion
Notes: None at the moment
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