Zangyakuking's Rohus-FD Picture

Rohus is part of the heroes side.

FD standing for First Design, seeing as how I couldn't remember what Zangyakuking wanted me to change. So now's your chance to tell me dood. Anyway, onto the character bio.

Power-He can levitate/fly. He has a falcon-like ability to see far distances with incredible detail. Offensively, he has an ability he calls the "Solar blaze" where he can conjure bursts of solar fire from his hands. He has full control of both the intensity of the flames and the distance they can be fired. He also has the ability to concentrate his solar fire into the shape of a sword and use it as a weapon. He usually shapes it in the shape of his favorite sword, the scimitar, hence the name he gave it: the "Solar Scimitar". Alternatively, if it is night time, he can convert moonlight into a beam that he can fire from his eyes.
Source of Power- An "Eye of Horus" pendant that he wears around his neck. Note that his superpowers only come with a transformation, he turns into his superhero form by wearing the pendant and saying "Suroh" and turns back by wearing it and saying "Ar Nomma".
Goal-To do right by his deceased friend (See background).
Weakness-When in superhero form, he becomes exhausted when separated from sun or moonlight. Also, when in superhero form, prolonged exposure to artificial light, from bulbs and such, makes him incredibly disoriented. If he loses the pendant he cannot change out of whichever form he's in, be it normal or superhero.
Arch nemesis-None to speak of yet.
Appearance-Brown hair, Sleeveless brown shirt with a large black eye of Horus symbol on it, Light pants that are also brown, Leather Sandals and a leather bracer on each arm. Also, markings around his eyes that make them appear like the eye of Horus (Superhero mode) A regular, brown haired guy in jeans and a short sleeved shirt. (Normal mode)

Background-Jack Sirison was your ordinary, fairly nerdy, teen with a deep love of mythology. In particular, his favorite was the mythology of ancient Egypt, he came to eventually find that his favorite god in this mythology was the falcon-headed god Horus. One day, while wandering a flea market he saw a stand selling pendants, and something in the corner caught his eye. A small pouch sitting at the corner of this table with the "Eye of Horus" symbol on it. Upon looking inside he saw a small, metal eye of horus pendant, and a piece of paper with the words "Suroh" and "Ar Nomma" written on it. He couldn't make any sense of the paper, but bought the pouch anyway. On his way home, he chose to stop at the house of a friend of his from high school who had recently become a cop by the name of Wade Tomas. Wade was a smart man who had mastered five different languages, so Jack thought he might be able to figure out something about the strange words on the piece of paper. When Jack showed him the paper, strangely, Wade only saw a blank piece of paper, much to Jack's confusion, but Jack let it go and chose to spend some time catching up with his old friend. Wade had talked about how much he loved his new job where he could stop crimes and make sure the people of the city were protected. After about an hour of talking, they had to go their seperate ways, Jack was going to walk home and Wade had to go on patrol. Jack went home and went to sleep. The next morning, he flipped on the television and was shocked at what he saw on the news, A lone gunman had captured a bank and killed three police officers. When the reporter listed the names of the deceased, Jack held his breath. "Steve Hackings, Bill Jones, and Wade Tomas." Said the reporter sullenly. Upon hearing this, Jack was filled with rage. "How dare someone shoot down someone who only wanted to make this city safe!!!" Somehow, out of pure instinct he knew what that paper had meant. He closed his eyes and said "Suroh" There was a flash of light and suddenly he was wearing different clothes and felt incredibly powerful. His rage and instinct overcame the fact that he had no idea what he was doing and he managed to fly to the bank mentioned in the news. He entered through a high window so the gunman wouldn't see him. He pointed his palms at the arm of the gunman that was holding the gun. "Horus was a god of the sun, please, I need fire or something!" He thought to himself. As if to answer the request, a burst of solar fire leapt from his palm and burned the gunman's hand, causing him to drop the gun on the floor. Jack took this opportunity to fly down and start beating the ever-loving crap out of the gunman. Once he stopped punching, the gunman begged for mercy, saying he'd turn himself in. Jack's eyes narrowed and he replied that some people don't deserve mercy and burned him with a just under lethal amount of his solar fire, and said "To kill you would have been merciful, you deserve to sit in a prison cell with these burns causing you pain for the rest of your life" He then let the police into the bank and flew away, making an oath to himself. Now that he had avenged Wade, he would do what Wade would have done with his powers, and became a protector of the law and the innocent as the superhero 'Rohus', A name he created by switching around the First and third letters in Horus's name.

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