The Word Project Picture

This is a project that I did for my Structures class. In the project we had to pick fifteen words, and present them, their definitions, and their origins in some way. I decided to draw out representations of my words and used a card theme to tie them together. The drawing were all fairly quickly done and to keep them looking simple and more stylized (I hope) I avoided shading. In the end product I printed out these images and glued them to card board, creating a deck of fifteen cards. I wasn't sure how best to put these on deviant and decided to place them all into one picture and submit them like that. However, if people want to see them separate, then it would be no trouble uploading them individually as well.
If your interested in what each picture represented, then a very brief description of each image is listed bellow.
Starting from the upper left:
The cat (Who is my character Jak-O) represents the word Familiar, used in the witchcraft definition where a familiar is a servant to a sorcerer.
The Dragon represents Fantasy/Fantastical, as dragon are a common fantasy creature as well as one of my favorites.
The writer thinking about the dragon represents Fantasist, a term that I came across by accident that specifically means a writer of fantasy
The Golden Ram represents Myth, the ram is from Jason and the Argonauts, in the myth about the golden fleece.
The Sun with the symbol in the center just represents Sun, not the most creative pairing of images and words, and the symbol in the center should be the Japanese Kanji for "Sun" though I'm still working on my Kanji so I could very easily make a mistake.
The next line starting on the left
The Lion (Who is my character Leon) is a half lion half goat hybrid that represents the word Leonine: which is have the characteristics of a lion
The rabbit sitting next to the moon represents the word Lunatic, Lunatic has the word luna in it, and rabbit's are not only associated with the moon in Japanese mythology but they are also associated with madness, such as the phrase "mad as a march hare," and of course the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland.
The very stylized version of the the American flag on the moon represents the word Lunarnuat, which specifically talks about those that have been to the moon.
The wolf howling at the moon represents Lycanthrope which originally was associated with a mental condition and only recently became associated with werewolves.
The fox (who is my character Geena) represents the word Thief, foxes and particularly my character, are generally seen as thief characters, such as Renard the fox.
The next line at the left
The owl with the sun and moon represents the word Lyconobite, the first definition I found for this word stated that is was one who changed night day or a fast liver (I really didn't get this definition but it was in the Oxford Dictionary). The second definition (I found on the web) was one who works by night and sleeps by day.
The Moon with the symbol in it represents the word Luna, the symbol should be Japanese Kanji for "Moon," but as stated before my Kanji can be off at times.
The Wizard represents the word Sorcerer, I just tired to make the typical wizard character, with the long beard and and staff.
The goblin represents the word Sprite, I was surprised that this word included goblins in its definition, when I hear the word Sprite I normally think fairies and nymphs, but goblins were one of the first creatures mentioned and since they stood out to me I decided to use one for the card.
The Wolf (who is my character Dragon) represents the word Lupine, which means wolf like, surprisingly though Lupine (at least for me) was a fairly common word that I'd read on several different occasions, I had never heard of the word Leonine, however, according to the Oxford Dictionary Leonine came first and Lupine came several years later. It was Lupine that lead me to the word Leonine in the first place.
So that's just a bit of the project as a whole, it was actually a lot of fun thanks in part to the vast amount of freedom the teacher gave us (The only rules was fifteen words and the Oxford Dictionary had to be used in some way). I love it when teachers let you get creative.

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