Theme Meme Picture

I apologize for poor picture quality. And that my computer cut off the way bottom and that I'm too lazy to fix it.

1.Rain- I had soo many ideas for this! Listened to Yanni's The Rain must fall (… and drew this with pencils. And a pen. The End.

2. Ghost- Immediately upon reading the word Ghost, I thought of this song Alison Krauss- Ghost in this house, Also drawn with pencils. ,,(…

3. Warm- Umm, The sun is I drew the sun...

4. Red- In case you were not aware of what color that is, It's called Red. Done with watercolor.

5.Antivenom- NO MORE VENOM! Yes, I'm aware of the misspelling of venom...Well, I'm now aware of it. I really have no idea what made me draw this.

6. Alone- Tried to make it look like you were looking out a window, Though my sister says other wise. I failed. Still like the picture. Evanescence - My heart is broken (…

7. Ending- Just a picture of a Fate from Greek mythology cutting someone's life thread.

8.Pain- This picture did not work with me and I hate it really, but still too lazy to draw it again.

9.Void- No one know that endless void like I do... Zion belongs to Me.

10.Ocean- I have never seen the ocean, Never felt the sand of the beach between my toes... Don't care really. Ariel is property of Disney.

11. Hands- Cheated and just traced my hand, added some shading and called it good.

12. Nightfall- "Sorry, Mark, I gotta get home before nightfall, Promised my wife you see..." Can't see the background because of the horribleness of this photo..*Sigh*


14. Fire- Drew this in a moving car. Painted in background at home. Hated it. Sister loved it. Strange sister. Hiccup and Toothless belong to Dreamworks.

15. Storm- Ororo Munroe (Storm) belongs to Marvel. Terrible photo.

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