Hirozuki Kitsune - Kunning Kunoichi Picture

Though shocked and ashamed to discover the dark past of her biological trickster family, Hirozuki was entranced by the culture of her ancestral homeland of Japan. In her private studies of the Land of the Rising Sun, she tapped into her swiftness and cunning to teach herself the art of Ninjutsu, and furthered her already invaluable skill as a warrior of the Heaven’s Fangs Tribe of Luoyang, which had raised her from a newborn kit. The Far Eastern Islands fascinated her beyond imagination, from its history, traditional fashion, mythology, and many arts. One such was the masks worn in Japanese Theatre. Understandably intrigued by the Japanese Fox Mask, her friends and adoptive father could often sneak peeks of her powdering her fur to the purest hue of white, and painting the traditional fox mask’s red markings on her face, like a teenager experimenting with make up. The white color of her fur failed to hide her embarrassed blush when Shu wondered where she was and stumbled upon her masquerade.

As Zuki, Shu, Hao Ling, and Hao Yu grew together, Ling became the village’s most talented seamstress, weaving silk with the skill of a spider and the beautiful designs of a modern day professional. For Zuki’s sixteenth birthday, Ling crafted her a traditional kimono of a dark red sky against a horizon bearing a Sakura tree that bloomed and shed blossom pedals composed of nothing but flames. Zuki was touched to tears, and no longer feared embarrassment of painting her face, though only did so as she wore the dress, wanting to go all out toward traditional fashion of her ancestors. Of course, to be the female ninja, or kunoichi, she trains to be requires one to be somewhat vain, not for the sake of their ego, but for the good of their mission. Like fire itself, her beauty is also an effective weapon. Of course, after she rids herself of her dark power and no longer fears to love Lang Shu, this gorgeous outfit is sure to make his tongue hang out from his maw. Some days, it’s just a great to be a kitsune.

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