Gift Art - Pheona Picture

This is a gift art for [link] ; not one of my characters. See her art if you want a fur-color scheme because I usually don't color my art unless I'm in the mood. (It's mostly grey and purple with few white, black, turqoise, and orange.)

This is her Fursona, Pheona, done in an Anthro (human-like) Form. I drew it this way because I prefer the human form as it is easier for me to draw instead of a regular animal forms.

Look up cursed-love-wolf18's site to find out more about her.

I like to draw Dynasty Warrior-like clothing (though this probably is a little more off from that genre) so I drew her in what in my opinion would be her clothes (even though black and white the majority of the clothes are black and white). If you look closely I have put ensignias of her scarred eye as decorations on her belt, arm guard, etc.; the other emblems were just wolf paw and horseshoe emblems that I have put on her disposable left arm and left leg clothes. Her shorts has a cut-out on the side in order to expose her thigh tattoo of a sun or star of some sort. The eye-patch is standard black with a diamond emblem on it. Her version doesn't have top hair but I think I did a good job with it. Another thing that I have added were weapons, though her Pheona doesn't have it but I like drawing weapons. I couldn't decide between either a Guan Dao or a Katana so I drew both; and since she hasn't given them personal names I will. The Guan Dao (Pole Weapon) is known as the "Scarred Guardian." Her Katana is known as "Cancer's Enforcer." (Since the moon was home to Cancer in mythology) Cancer's Enforcer has a maleable crescent moon-shaped hilt that can bend and allow Pheona to strike opponents at unexpected angles. For all I care she could use both at the same time.

It was different for me drawing someone like this because I usually don't draw hooves; but I'm happy with my first time attempt.

Once again, the rights to Pheona (above) belong to [link] , not me.

Hope you like it; and all those who are big fans of her art.
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