Fenrir Picture

Name: Fenrir
Age: ???
Species: Spirit / Wolf
Abilities: Ice and Lunar Magic / Spirit
Likes: Frozen Treats / The moon / The Wolven Family
Dislikes: Spicy Foods / The sun / Being awakened from a nap
Orientation: Gay
Love Interest: Death


Born as a demigod Fenrir was the son of the Norse god of trickery Loki, he was bound by several gods and had even bitten the hand off of Tyr the God of glory and law in Norse Mythology. He was imprisoned for years until he was freed by the first Wolven, Shiba the 1st. At first the two had arguments a lot, but had grown to be great friends, Fenrir helped led the armies they both have forged together, until one night, the night of the eclipse, the being known as SIN had awoken, the being that possessed hundreds of thousands of people, on the night Fenrir gave his very life for his friend. But along with him was all the fellow soldiers that he lead. Things were driven to Hell as they found out their souls was forever bound to the plain of life, they now roam as ghosts by the curse of the greatest evil.
One week was passed since his death as the first had created the first Fracture, and with it he saved the soul of Fenrir into it, and that's when the contract has happen, the contract that bound each other. One by one they use the new Fractures to take all the men of the army that died, to their disbelief they learned that each one sealed they had changed into beings of myths like Fenrir himself. Thus dawn the very first Fractures.
Over time Fenrir was forced to watch his friend die at the hands of monsters, though this was after the day he had his child, the 2nd. Fenrir watches as a sacred spirit to watch the many offspring of the very first member, along with his trustworthy friend who now lives on as a ghost. But the day the 13th was born Fenrir had became bounded to the child, a feeling like no other had surrounded him, the feeling to protect him like his friend, the 1st.
On his travels with the 13th he found love, with a spirit of no other, a sacred spirit that represents the 4th Horseman, Death.
When Evoked, Shiba will gain a blue aura that takes the form of two large claws that are able to stretch up to 50 meters ahead, it also gave the power to control ice and moon magic when evoked. His specialty is in hand on hand combat and his skills with a sword. His Fracture is a blue crystal with soul metal pieces in the form of a wolf head with a scar on the left eye, and twin paws with claws.
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