Herpsona #1 Picture

Petebro is back! I found a way to force Ashley into slave labor again. All I needed to do is tantalize her with the sweet promise of the manporks. This... Well, it's all of the Personas and Shadows of the secondary cast, aside from one guy. The only reason I did Shadows this time is because I had extra designs. Note that these guys are a lot more abstract and strange than the last batch. Obviously, I took an acrobatic pirouette off the handle and straight into Crazy Town, the most ludicrous of plots of land. Cool beans.

To start, that noose lady in the center is a rope outline of the character that the Shadow belongs to with limbs that end in nooses, strangling a knight who merely smiles at his fate. This character's issue is that she puts up a facade of happiness and pretends to be happy, repressing any negative emotion that comes to her because others depend on her. She wants release from it all, which is where the noose comes in. The smiling knight refers to her interests (swords and sorcery fantasy) which she uses as a for of escapism. The way the knight only smiles at being hanged is parodic of her usual nature. Her Persona is right next to her, and has a cute paper knight made of book pages for a head. The Persona is another noose monster, with happy imagery trying desperately to blot it out. The mythological figure it's based on is Hemera, but has little connection to her aside from some sun imagery. It's more symbolic, as the character cannot take the night that comes after day and isn't allowed to accept that this is a natural part of life, to feel bad.

The freaky thing to the upper left is a grapevine with human body parts coming out of it, and a crown on its eyeball head. He is the ultimate counterpoint to the character it opposes, specifically as the dark counter to his idealism. It represents a desire to control with its crown so that people won't be unhappy. His Persona is under it, another grapevine things, but as a goofy superhero thing, complete with weird TV sidekick. I aimed for incredibly cheesy and weird here. It's Dionysus, who is basically the hedonistic party frat god.

The one to the upper right is another character's Persona, based on Diana. the character desires freedom and to not have to deal with her many obligations, so she runs away and becomes an impulsive, hedonistic person. She is caught in a hunting snare (entrapment) and reaches for her crescent moon bow, unable to really be free. Her head is a mounted deer head, an arm is an antler, and her lower body is a cage, relating to both freedom and hunting. Her Shadow is admittedly, rushed. It's a headless deer to fit with the mounted head of the Persona and is a walking cage statue, trapped and unable to move on.

One more guy to go!
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