Introduction Picture

Well, here it is. It's crappy and uncolored, but it's done. The first theme on my 100 theme challenge is "introduction", so I'm introducing everyone to a few of my characters from Cairo High.
So, left to right.

Timothy Harris
The reincarnation of Thoth, god of wisdom. Everyone calls him by his god name- they think that it suits him way better than "Tim". An avid bookworm and all-around smart guy, he tends to wear sweat shirts/t-shirts of the colleges he could have gone to (rather than being stuck in Cairo). He's rather soft-spoken, but can stick up for himself or others when push comes to shove. When he found out about his god-counter-part, he read any and every book he could find about Egyptian mythology. His current crush/interest is Lauren, the reincarnation of Nut, goddess of the sky.

Raymond Hughes
Laid-back red-headed surfer from California. He had always found it curious that he was able to tan despite his purely Irish genes. Apparently, having the sun god Ra in your blood makes you receptable to uv rays. He's loud and outgoing, a combination that can be almost obnoxious at times, but knows how to win everyone over before becoming too much of a nuisance. He has a little sister that he loves very much. Ray is very anxious and scared about being the god of all gods, but he hides his worries with snide remarks and picking on poor Anothy.

Anothy Bennis
Your all-american-emo. Anothy had always had an odd fascination with death and the after life, thus prompting his rather morbid tendancies (makes sense that he's Anubis in disguise). He likes heavy metal and wearing all black. However, he does love to cook- something that would seem rather uncharacteristic for a goth type. The most important person in his life is his grandpa, who has been more of a parent than his actual father. It is in part to his grandpa, making new friends, and a cute girl named Beth that brings Anothy out of his emo-mold and into someone he never thought actually existed: himself.

These three guys are dormmates. Ray and Anothy hated each other at first, and claim to now "grudingly accept" the others' existance. However, it's very obvious that they're rapidly becoming good friends.

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