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The title is a word game: the character's name is Lyassareth, "Lyassa" like his friends tell... And his mood is sad... Easy! ^^
I now have post the essential of The Lost Children's Quest, in Gallery and in Scraps. I pass now to others...

Here we are in Agharta's story. Like in Tolkien's mythology, Elves were the first born in our Earth, and 4000 years before JC they must leave the surface of Gaïa (Mother Earth). At this time there was 2 categories of Humans: Homo Sapiens Sapiens, our ancestors (or the previous. History and me are... 3! But the Atlantis and the Elves must escape... Because there are some people that found a very bad organisation who wants eradicate Elves and dominate all the Humanity. Of course they are handful on this organisation, and majority of Atlantis prefers run away with Elves... In Gaïa. Gaïa, our planet, is not full. There is another world inside, and in the middle there is a little sun, the Shagma. This world is called Agharta. (You can make researchs about this world, we don't invent anything! This theory exist!)

On Agharta there is Human cities and Elf countries. In one of them is living the son of the Lady Alaïta, the Prince Lyassareth.

translation from the description made by the player (who is the same like Dom and Algheti!) :
It is a tall, slim elf to the loose members. His stature lets imagine a muscle structure so supple. The skin is clear, slightly tanned. He is incredibly beautiful. Attractive. An indescribable charm. Nothing exaggerated. On the contrary. His smile is sweet. A voluntary jaw. A face in fine lines but incredibly virile. His glance is deep. Intense. The eyes seem to find the soul of those on whom they settle. Eyes in the amazing color... green-gold. He has long and supple hair which he wears without any obstacle. They are black as night.

In this drawing I would put Lyassareth with Ras Sheratan, but he takes all the place!! "Nothing exagerated" told her player!! Mf! He is looking at his friend Ras Alpheratz who is sick... "It is my fault", he told to Ras Sheratan in a rustle. (she doesn't agree, for information!)

I don't have coloured yet.. I hope that this design is not so removed from Lyassa's player vision and description... For the vision, you can't know, but for the description, you can read it!

Name of Lyassareth was taken from Elledupomme's Lyassareth summoning (no link because I don't know how to do, sorry, but I tried...) so I inspired myself with her drawing to do mine... See the "original", it is wonderful! (My Lyassareth and her have no really relation, just same name and hair cut. I hope Elledupomme is not angry?)

Lyassareth (c) machane
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