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I'll admit, even though I haven't played any of the more recent games, I still have a soft spot for Pokemon. So this was an attempt to try something different. The trainer is Naoto Kagutsuchi, a character I plan to enroll in the JRA (Johto Regional Academy).

Born in Cinnabar Island, his family moved to Viridian City when he was 4 to escape the Volcano’s eruption. Ever since he was a small child, he was always fascinated by movies, especially action films and poke-adventure films. As such, he decided to take up a career in film-making.

Naoto is charming, collected, and a little insane. Basically, he can find a way to make anyone be in his various projects. The one exception is Vesper Herod. [link] However, during his time in the JRA, Naoto has made it his mission to somehow convince Vesper to join his crew.

Pokemon Team

SHOOTING STAR (Charizard, male) (starter)
Named after the fire dragon from Record of Lodoss War. At the age of 6 Naoto’s older sister, Megumi, gave him Shooting Star as a charmander for his birthday. They have been inseparable ever since. Shooting Star shares Naoto’s passion for movies, and will help out when necessary.

FENRIR (Arcanine, male)
Named after the wolf in Norse Mythology. Fenrir is very protective of Naoto, and will step in if he thinks his trainer is in danger. Very loyal, Fenrir will stay with Naoto
until the day they die.

STALLONE (Magmar, male)
Named after the action film star Sylvester Stallone. Stallone serves as a special effects expert, and is surprisingly really good at it. Outside of special effects, he is rather curious and loves to solve puzzles.

AMATERASU (Flareon, female)
Named after the Japanese sun goddess. Amaterasu is a kind and caring pokemon, and keeps the team together even through the roughest times. Although Vesper doesn’t like to be around Naoto that much, Amaterasu gets along well with his Espeon and Umbreon, Sirius and Altair respectively.

BANG (Blaziken, male)
Named after the character Bang Shishigami from Blazblue. Bang is quite quirky, and serves as the crew’s make-up artist and battle choreographer. Bang is pretty much a living definition of "happy-go-lucky," but whatever you do DON’T call him chicken. You’ll regret it if you do.

RATH (Typhlosion, male)
Named after the character in the manga Dragon Knights. Rath loves a good fight, and always yearns for a strong opponent. As such, he can get a little reckless in battle. Naoto keeps Rath on a tight leash, but very rarely does he fail.

Johto Regional Academy: [link]
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