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WIP, Critique encouraged and appreciated.

My left hand has a hawking glove, and the shoulder pads serve a similar function. Don't want little talons getting into me.

The little reptilian critters' names are Mallica, Chryssie, and Chelsey (named after the green stones Malachite, Chrysoprase, and Chalcedony)

The stones in the staff:


look roughly like this, circle, triangle, triangle.

It's fun to read about the mythology surrounding birthstones and astronomical signs:

(1st) Amythest (Feburary birth stone- my due date was in February)

It is reputed to lose its brightness in the presence of poison and to pale if the wearer is ill.

Amethyst wrapped in thin silk and held over the temples is said to soothe nervous headaches. Tradition suggest that the stone should, however, first be warmed either by sun’s rays or the warmth of a natural fire.

Considered to be a spiritual stone, the Amethyst has long had the reputation of being able to increase the owner’s ability to develop spirituality, purify and heal, and is very commonly used by healers to induce calm and alleviate stress and loneliness. Used in meditation, for guidance and help, the Amethyst will help bring clear thoughts and calm the mind as well as help with headaches.

(2nd) Blue Sapphire

(3rd) Turquoise (December Birth Stone- I was born very prematurely)

Those people who travel on horseback may with to wear Turquoise, as it is said to ensure the horse’s surefootedness.

Well, doesn't that all tie in nicely with being a Sagittarius? XD My Chinese Zodiac is also a Horse. Not my favorite animal, mind you, but the similarity between the two is striking enough for me to like to play with it.

Turquoise is reputed to promote the regeneration of cells, protect against pollutants and strengthen the body. It is believed to help with bad eyesight and if applies to the chest area in a poultice, to help with bronchial problems. It is particularly powerful if worn with the blue sapphire.…

About me: Menolly Sagittaria. Because she shares some of my great loves, animal husbandry and music performance, and because her name is only two letters different from mine, I've named myself after Anne McCaffrey's character Menolly. (I probably won't do much in the way of fanart for her books, though.) Menolly has several little critters called fire lizards, which are basically miniature dragons. My TI teacher used to call me the Green Queen, which has nothing to do with The Dragonriders of Pern, it is a reference to my eco-friendliness, but seeing as female dragons in the series are either greens or queens (gold-colored), it makes for an interesting coincidence, doesn't it?

For imaginary purposes I have coined the term "Vetch"- a combination of "vet" and "witch" (this is also the name of a real life plant).
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