The Chase Picture

I love these two... and that's mostly because I'm evil.

The woman on the left is the captain of the Solaris. Her name is Atalanta and she leads a small band of smugglers. The man on the right is the captain of the Lunith. His name is Melanion and he commands an Avian crew of the law. Both of them rule the sky in their separate worlds of crime and law, but their paths cross when the Lunith is sent after the crew of the Solaris.

The Chase is actually what inspires the name of the Solaris. Atalanta and her crew had been sought by the law for a long time, but Melanion is the only one who manages to track them down. Melanion captains a ship named after the God of the Moon, thus Gabriel (Atalanta's engineer and friend) dubs their revamped vessel the Solaris, the Goddess of the Sun, in tribute to the chase the two celestial beings commit to every day.

Atalanta and Melanion have a unique relationship of cat and mouse. Both fight eachother for what they believe in, but ironically they do not hate eachother. They have an understanding of The Chase and they are glad to continue it (though neither of them profess it to their crews).


Yes, Atalanta's ear is supposed to look like that, cuz she got half of it cut off when she was young. Equally marred, Melanion has a scar as you can see.

If you don't know Greek mythology, Atalanta was a young woman who refused to marry and thus held races with her suitors. If the suitor won, he'd have her hand in marriage, if he lost he was beheaded. Melanion prayed to the goddess of love, etc. etc. etc. and was able to win the foot race. (That's the short-short version, she had a good reason for not marrying -- Google it.)

That's another reason for the title, but obviously not the whole of it.

Anyways, these two are characters in my new story. (I know, I started another one, but this was has really good potential! Honest! I'll get back to Zahmota and Co. another time.) I posted this pic first instead of the characters alone because the title of the story (at this point) is The Chase.

Anyways, review if you want, I don't mind either way, I really like this one.

Atalanta, Melanion, the Solaris, the Lunith, and Gabriel all belong to me. Take them and I'll set Distopia on you (she's mine as well, but we'll get to her later).

And yes, it has to be the Solaris and the Lunith. If you dropped the then you'd be disrespecting the Gods, making it look like you ruled them. If this pantheon is anything like the Roman/Greek one... then you don't want to anger them...
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