SunriseVer.2 Picture

Ok, this is a reworked version of "Sunrise", which I did in March (I tend to rework old ideas that I like when I get annoyed by how wrong they were). Soo..I added some more light, some more contrast and tweaked the background a little bit. I'm still going to leave the old one just as comparison and a reminder how it all started.

This is the sunrise. He comes before the sun, chases away the twilight and brings the day to the world. The character is from the same universe as my "Weather" picture (which too is pretty old). When I have time I would probably do the other characters as well, such as the day, the night, the moon, the sun herself and of course, the sunrise's cousin the twilight (nothing to do with glittering vampires!). Probably going to try and illustrate the story of their world some day.
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