Her name is TARANIS CERNUNNOS. Her symbol is the Triquetra. * edit: HAHA SHE GOES BY ANA not TARA or TERA that is *iously's name. > 3>;

You are one of a small number of your kind to live in the FOGGY EERIE SWAMPLANDS OF ALTERNIA. You hardly ever see the sun due to the heavy mist which envelops most of your hive. Your lursrus often spends long nights and days out hunting. He is a fickle beast, whom you often enjoy VARIOUS BOUTS OF PHYSICAL GAMING with. Unlike most of your kind, you have vast amounts of patience, and often come off as CARING. However, to prevent being CULLED by the rest of your species, you have developed a razor sharp tongue and a GENERALLY TRICKSY MANNER.

Your blood is a fetching shade of deep green, and you are not entirely SURE where that puts you on the CASTE list, but you are also NOT ENTIRELY SURE what COLORS have to do with much. I mean, if you are supposed to find a MATESPRIT and an AUSPICE, what color should their BLOOD have to do with it? Surely, something is amiss in this WHACKY culture that you've been raised with. BUT NEVERMIND THAT.

Your hobbies include ORGANIZING and ALPHABETIZING various TOMES OF ALTERNIAN MYTHOLOGY AND HISTORY, as well as reading these tomes, and frolicking in the MOORS AND SLOP that is the ALTERNIAN SWAMPLAND. BECAUSE you spend so much TIME slopping around outside in the DIRT AND MUCK, your hive's almost NEVER CLEAN and you TRACK MUD EVERYWHERE. You do not enjoy physical company of other trolls, as you find them all GENERALLY DISPLEASING and DOWNRIGHT RUDE. Which is terrible if you are ever going to fill your QUADRANT SHIP SQUARES. It's not that you don't understand the system, you just ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND ANYONE ON YOUR PLANET.

However you have been APPROACHED BY SUITORS IN EVERY QUADRANT except the BLACKEST one, for reasons that were AFOREMENTIONED ABOVE. However, all of these suitors have been begotten through CULTIVATED ONLINE CONVERSATIONS you have on your grubtop. Your weapon of choice is an OVERLY LARGE DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD that for most of your kind would be deemed to heavy to wield. However you have been practicing just in case someone actually does approach you with that BLACK QUADRANT request.

Your trolltag is mystheriousCusith and you tend to schpeeak with a schliight wiischel and schqueeaky eeee'sch.
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