xx. ICCARUS Picture

Icca is a new character. He is based off a myth and a person.

He got his name from the myth about Iccarus.
Iccarus was a boy who had waxen wings, built by his father to help him escape from an evil king. Iccarus flew too close to the sun, and his wings melted.
He plummeted to the ocean below.

Almost the same thing happened to my Icca.
He was flying through the clouds over the seas, when a flock of migrating geese appeared out of nowhere, so he avoided them by flying high above the clouds.
As all of you who have been flying on the window seat during the day know that the sun above the clouds is really strong.
Icca was blinded by the sun, and fell through the clouds into the sea.
He fell into Ziek's trawler's net. She hauled him out and CPR'd him back to conciousness...

Ever since then, they've been sweet on eachother.


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