20 Talismans Immortals 6-10 Picture

Hello again I got another batch of my Twenty talismans immortals again from left to right let me introduce them

6- Nereus: genarally god of water (Which includes the water you drink swim and bathe in) and made the talisman of wisdom
info: Well he can be quiet moody sometimes and his mood reflects whats happening in the oceans when people are sailing in it he can be a grouch sometimes but if you get to know him he is a man (er immortal) with many thoughts and philosiphies
namesake: In the old version I named him Poseidon but it sounded sort of obvious so I changed to Nereus and according to Greek and Roman mythology he is a god of water and the name came from the word neros which means water

7- Sorin god of the sun and made the talisman of friendship
info: If you ever see him running around the streets you would think he looks like a teenage boy with a happy faces who wears yellow with floppy dog ears (yes he has dog ears he is a canine krake) Well don't try to stop him from skipping around the meadow or he'll put the sun he controls upon you
Namesake: I forgot his old name but I think it's Apollo (but it sounds very obvious) So in the new one I named him Sorin which means sun But in the old version I made him look oldr and mad him wear samurai armor

8- Koga god of the underworld (also death ) and made the talisman of trust (Black Heart's talisman)
Info: Believe it or not he is the younger brother of the dark lord (aka Ashikage) Lets just say he doesn't want to talk about it and his mom (yes HIS mom) is the one who chose him to be god of the underworld and death so he is like the heir of his mother's occupation (She sort of "died" even if she's an immortal) Because of that it made Ashikage mad (furious) which caused Ashikage to kill their mother (she is of course the personification of death which happened to her) Because of that Koga can never forgive to what his own older brother did to thier mother
Namesak: Well I kept his name and he looked like a Koga

9-Zephyr: god of heaven and made the talisman of hope
Info: Basically he is an immortal angel krake (complete with halo) he is the one that guides the good souls (Which Koga gives to him)
Namesake: His old name is Anglos but it sounded a biut lame so I named him Zephyr which seems to suit him since his name meant wind and he can actually fly and all

10- Zhou god of medicine/healing and made the talisman of responsibility
Info: He is a grumpy guy (Being the shortest of the immortals has to do with that since he diesn't want to be called pipsqeak) He is a dragon krake and even if he is tempermental like a dragon he will help anyway in pain or ill. Altough he always picks fights with Taliesin (god of magic) and everytime that happens Zhou always ends up burning either the clothes or the many tails of his fellow immortal who changes clothes every 5 minutes
Namesake: I'm too ashamed to tell his old name since maybe it might offend people so his new name is Zhou which means help/asist

Well this is all the gods I introduced so next piccy I'll introduce you the ladies (Yeah you heard me I'll introduce you the goddesses
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