Amaterasu Picture

Yeah, the game is even better than I thought. It's really awesome, and I would recommend playing it. The music selection is really appropriate, and the art, of course, was so spectacular, it won the game an award. The Japanese mythology is really intriguing, especially to me. Some of the enemies are really creepy, but that's just how it goes in a world plagued by monsters. The Spider Queen and Mrs. Cutter creeped me out a whole lot. And I was really suprised that when I defeated Orochi, I was only HALF WAY THROUGH THE GAME. I'm not complaining, cause it deserves a long story. The one and only teensy problem I see is the slight scarcity of saving points. Other than that, The game is absolutely spectacular. It receives a ten out of ten in my book. I will be putting more of these up soon. I hope that you will bear with me, because time is fleeting, and what with school and all, it is a rare and special treat to doodle and actually get some stuff done.
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