Huuuge sketchdumpppp Picture

I have so much more but...THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SO FAR IN MY NEW SKETCHBOOK,SO....!
Ahaha,so much N bias oh my god COULD I BE ANYMORE OBVIOUS ABOUT MY OBSESSION.../sobs

ANYWAYS! The things that in this ginormous sketchdump :u :

1- Lucille,my leavanny gijinka. I was just playing around with clothes for her. < w >;;
2- Hehehe Russia and Atlantis (~cardsharker's oc)
3- Russia&Hong Kong inabedroom. IN THE PROCESS OF BEING COLORED....but I'm so slow. orz"
4- Malificent,my misdreavus gijinka! . u .
5- Hehehe comic based on rp shenanigans on the MMORPG,La Tale. Basically,Hilbert was being an ass and killing all the creatures and torturing N about it. |Db
6- Concept sketches for a WIP RP idea for mythological creatures!Pokemon. I chose an Adaro for N just to make it...really amusing. ( Adaros live on the sun and come to Earth by sliding down rainbows.....THATPARTMADEMEREALLYLAUGH.)
7- poN poN poN. Geddit. It's ponponpon but with N /KILLED
8- UHM...Ithinkit'sbasedoffanrpagain. Angry N is angry because of reasons yes.
9- N and Edgeworth. My husbandos.
10- MORE LA TALE SHENANIGANS! I was picking out an outfit for N and I found the perfect shirt you can..see......there
11- Myguiltypleasureaaaah. HilbertxN aka Isshushipping

very tl;dr
Ya'll can just look at the pictures if you want,haha |D;;

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