Engard's Biology-Gunighia Picture

The Gunighias are the most common tree species on Engard's Ice Island.They also live in the Sound Island, because both islands have cold weather.
The Gunighia, individually, develop it's routes downwards, and it's routes are made of a different material than the wood from the external body of the tree.They are made of a more resistent wood, that is adapted to break through the ice floor and then reach the ground, because most of the Ice Island's territory has a very thick ice layer on top of the soil, and that difficults the survival of the living beings.
The Gunighia can also develop it's routes on top of a frozen lake.They break through the ice and hidrate themselves as if they were big plants on a vase.
Their dead and dark appearance is due to their lack of hidration;they are always in extreme conditions:the sun light is too weak, the ground is poor on nutrients and several other factors.But the real reason for the gunighias to be alive is because they are paradises for fungi, and through several associations, the fungi and the trees trade nutrients constantly, aloowing their survival.
The Gunighias have also one of the most beautiful qualities ever seen:after a tree is dead, a huge androceium rises from the top of the tree and twists itself into a huge flower.
For the people of the Ice Island, the Gunighia has a great spiritual and mythological meaning.The Clan of the Frozen Wolfs belive the the God of Ice, Graukscaram, created the Gunighia trees to take out the evil and sadness of the land in a time of great sorrow, and then, after trees wer dead, the sadness was cast away when their flowers bloom.
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