Saintly Wu Picture

Meet Saintly Wu. She is a Mountain Troll Priestess whom lives under a bridge in Briarhurst, but first and foremost, she is a troll.

In Norse Mythology, female trolls were beautiful and intelligent, their male counterparts were hideous and slow witted. However, all trolls had three things in common. They were curious, great cooks, and skilled builders of structures, machines, and crafts.

Trolls were always confused by what humans made. So, when humans weren't looking, they'd take something apart, put it back together, and be surprised when they had left over parts...They'd take whatever was left over.

With food, trolls were very fond of eggs, dairy, and fruit. If you baked a cake and left it to cook, a troll might come along, take it apart, steal an ingredient, put it back together, and run. Yes, they could take your baked cake apart, take an egg, and put it back together.

In this picture, Saintly took apart a wedding cake and found a spark plug. She is understandably confused.

I colored this in MS Paint. The background is a screenshot from World of Warcraft, which is fitting since Saintly's name and basic design elements are lovingly stolen from my main character on WoW.

I of course made a few creative changes combining WoW designs with traditional troll myth...and added in some personal preferences.

Saintly dislikes the sun as her eyes are very light sensitive, However, she compensates by squinting, keeping her bangs long and in her face, and wearing wide brimmed hats.
Her pants are directly stolen from WoW. I call them "slut pants" and I love them. I out leveled those pants AGES ago, but I keep them in my bank. Best pants ever.
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