Marina Picture

My fan character from my Blue Submarine no. 6 fanfic. This is her in the first chapter leaning on the ship's railing.
Marina, why aren't you wearing a warmer jacket? It must be freezing on that ship.
Here is some info on this character.

Role character plays: Helper, mediator, and confidante.

Inspiration for character: What if scenario

Goals for character: Help Mutio and Verg by giving them the confidence to tell each other how they feel and learn more about the chimera populace.

Name: Marina Isabelle Jameson
Meaning of first and middle name: Vow of the sea
Her parents named her Marina because her eyes were an aquamarine color when she was little and her name was given because they vowed to be a family through thick and thin.

Nickname: The Nereid, sea nymph
She doesn't like people calling her that because her parents used to call her by those nicknames.

History behind nickname: She loved swimming from a young age and reminded her parents of the creatures from Greek mythology.

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Ethnicity: White

Universe: Blue Submarine no. 6

Age: 22

Birth month: March

Height: 5' 6"

Eye color: Aqua

Hair color: Black

Length: Mid-back

Hairstyle: Wavy

Body build: Toned

Body shape: Hourglass

Skin: Tan ( She's a bit of a sun worshiper)

Scar:Right cheek ( Though I always seem to forget which cheek her scar is on
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