DXT) Hatiwangmon Picture

Agwangmon's brand new ultimate form for the tournament, #DigiXrosTournament I'm really excited to use this bad girl for the action that will take place and I know its going to be EPIC!!! X3 Also some information for you guys to know Hatiwangmon a little more before the tourny

Name: Hatiwangmon
Meaning: Hati is the wolf of the moon in Norse mythology, and is until the end of the world comes where he eats it, and casts the world into darkness, he chases it around the Earth(also the son of Fenrir)
Type: Brocken Chained Wolf digimon
Information: Hatiwangmon is told as in a legend with her brother, Skollbwehamon. It is believed that they were created to be chained to the sky, and forever to try and catch the sun and the moon as they always chase them around the Earth. When they break free, both will go their own ways, and abandon their duties. Of course this is only a story to help put baby Digimon to sleep. With the bandages covering her eyes, Hatiwangmon's other senses have increased dramatically to where she can fight as easily as any other seeing Digmon. Her massive, creamed colored feathered wings can reach other 25 feet in length, making her asuperior flier.
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