Mimi - Concept Art1A Picture

A somewhat "request" by a fellow VA.

Detail asked for:
A fairy spirit
with stars
long blue hair
4 pairs of wings (8 total)

Hair - short, spreading outward, open up face, replace length with antennas (explanation later)
Antennas - replace long hair, angle down, slit at top, two
Wings - 6 wings total (explanation later)
Cheek - star
Outfit (top) - strapless Roman type top ending at bottom of ribcage, held tight with star pendent (explanation later)
Outfit (bottom) - double layer skirt, under is a school skirt, above is a penta-parted tapered skirt
Outfit (belt) - Thick belt linked to sash, linked by star buckle
Outfit (sash) - under the top, supports skirt

Top - waving, up tilt
L side - arch up
R side - arch down
Bottom - none
Iris - 1/2 size, star shape, full filled dark
Pupil - mid, ~ 13/16ths covered
Shine - large, top lrft
Eyebrow - thin

Disguise: for when she goes in public
Hair - Long hair, split
Outfit (top) - strap supported, skirt like under breast line
Outfit (bottom) - Knee length, star pattern Large to small

There is a connotation clash with the requested "fairy" and "stars". Fairies are usually associated with plants, forests, flowers, and nature. Stars are usually associated with planets, suns, heaven, night, and constalations. So I mixed the things: star motif, fairy-like skirt, and angel like top
Hair Explanation - Fairies vary depending on the mythology, but a common idea is that they resemble butterflies. Since up antennas would look odd, I made them long and down therefore replacing the long hair.
Wing Explanation: as written in the picture. In the Hierarchy of Angels, angels of the top ranks of the third sphere (Cherubim & Seraphim) have six wings. There is no angel I could find that had 8 wings. But I could easily make the wings with curvy like patterns
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